Podcast 85: Conspiracy Thinking (or Not Thinking)

This week, we look at how to think biblically about conspiracy theories. In these days of information overload, ideas are thrown at us from all angles—and whether they are true or false, the principles we apply when confronted by them are always the same.

Podcast 84: A Visit with Mr. Stuart Wachowicz!

On today’s podcast, we get to know Mr. Stuart Wachowicz, Regional Director of the Living Church of God in Canada, while he is visiting in Charlotte this week. We grill him a bit on the state of education today and explore steps young people can take to secure their own success amid declining educational standards.

On the podcast, Mr. Wachowicz refers to Mr. Gerald Weston’s excellent article, “Tame the Social Media Monster!” which you can find by clicking here. He also referred to a PragerU video about free speech and England that we couldn’t find, but if we come across it, we’ll add it later.

Podcast 83: What Does It Mean to “Not Grieve as Others Do”?

It’s been a sobering week of the sort that Ecclesiastes 7 highlights as an opportunity to reflect and learn. So today, we ponder the Apostle Paul’s statement in 1 Thessalonians 4:13 that Christians do not grieve in the way others do. We hope you find it helpful. On the Living Youth website, you will find related sermons.

The usual platforms are available below. Also, here are links to sermons referred to in the podcast and others on the same topic.

P.S. Hopefully, you are experiencing no difficulties on Apple or Spotify. We had technical difficulties with this episode—well, actually, we uploaded the wrong audio! After updating it, it took a while for Apple to come around, and we’re hoping our efforts to fix that did not mess up Spotify as a consequence. If you experience difficulties, let us know.

Podcast 82: Was the British Empire the Worst Ever?—with Mr. Mark Sandor!

With special guest Mr. Mark Sandor, we look at a poll that claims the British Empire was the worst empire in history. Weighing facts with a clear head is an important part of thinking critically—and biblically! Listen in and learn with us.

P.S. For some reason, one was a special challenge to finalize in GarageBand, as one of the tracks kept getting randomly muted. We think we figured out a way around it, so if there are any audio difficulties, just let us know at [email protected].

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Podcast 81: How to Honor Your Parents—with Mr. Phil Sena!

We welcome Mr. Phil Sena to the podcast once again, this time to talk about three ways to honor your parents. We also discuss what honoring your parents means as you mature and begin building a family of your own. We hope you enjoy it!

Podcast 80: Sports and the Young Christian—with Mr. Barry Walker

When it comes to sports, the lessons a young Christian can learn are great! Yet, so are the opportunities to lose perspective. Today, we welcome Mr. Barry Walker from Canada as he helps us to think in a godly way about sports.