Podcast: Why the Work Matters

Today on the podcast, we revisit the topic we recorded last time but didn’t publish, so we wanted to tilt at it again: Why the Work of preaching the Gospel of God’s Kingdom to the world matters. It is essential to living as a Christian, but it’s easy to be distracted from that fundamental truth, especially in our youth. Yet embracing that truth and growing to understand how the Work should matter to you, personally, can be transformative and can help enable God to produce in you the eternal fruit He is looking to produce. So, enjoy this podcast! We get a little passionate in places, but, you know, if you can’t be passionate about the Work of Jesus Christ in the world, what else can you be passionate about?

The YouTube and Spotify links/embeds are below. And under those are links to the resources we mentioned in the podcast.

Here are links to the resources mentioned in the podcast:

Apologies, Appendectomies, and Two Lessons

My apologies that we did not get a Living Youth Podcast up last week! We did record it on Friday (the video below is a little confusing on that point; I sort of mixed up my days), but for the reasons I mention, I did not get it edited and posted. But, for all of the excitement of yesterday, I thought a couple of lessons emerged from the experience that were worthwhile to pass on. So, hopefully, this quick video will do—and look for the podcast later this week! I’ve recorded this video a little hastily (for instance, I don’t mean to imply that enduring to the end is not a part of the confidence I discuss), but I still hope that this is helpful in some way.

Kurzgesagt on the Human Immune System

Are you familiar with Kurzgesagt videos? Apparrently, “kurzgesagt” is German for “briefly said” or the English idiom “in a nutshell.” And the Kurzgesagt YouTube channel aims at making complex and interesting topics simple to understand. Regrettably, they come from the sort of background you might expect for worldly science folks: Pro-evolution, etc. Still, the way they explain topics is often both entertaining and educational—and, when it happens to highlight the amazing design of life, they end up providing a Romans 1:20 witness to God’s power and how amazing His design of creation truly is.

As a sample, we thought their video below on the human immune system is simply fantastic at illustrating just how remarkable this God-designed system truly is. We’ve written about it before (in the TW: “The War Beneath Your Skin”), and seeing it discussed at length in these videos—yet so succinctly with such pleasant illustrations—really brings out details we would never have space to include in an article.

So, feel free to take a look at the first video (one in a series of three) and see if it impresses you, as well, at how amazing God’s design of your body truly is. And if they bring up evolution, ask yourself: How plausible is it really that such a system could evolve? The answer is pretty obvious when you think about it—not plausible at all.


Podcast: Costs, Benefits, and Sin

Mr. Mark Sandor continues as guest co-host and takes us on a cost-benefit analysis of sin. It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds! Honest! And, in the end, it provides quite a meditation on faith, to boot. Join us! YouTube and Spotify links, below.

What We’ll Never Regret

Much of this world sees commitment as extremely dangerous. And for the most part, it’s not wrong about that. Commitment is dangerous—just ask anyone who ever shelled out cash for tattoo removal. The Scriptures actually warn against throwing promises around—even ones with the purest intentions—because we humans are neither omnipotent nor omniscient, and might very well realize later that a commitment we made was unnecessary, foolish, or even sinful (Matthew 5:33-37; James 5:12). 

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Preteen Camps 2022: Missouri Preteen Camp Photos

From July 31 through August 5, the Lake of the Ozarks State Park hosted the Missouri Preteen camp. Campers enjoyed a variety of activities including archery, crafts, flag football, Gaga Ball (it’s everywhere!), music class, riflery and others. There were multiple games designed to help campers cool off in the heat, including a water relay race and human bowling! A STEM activity and talent show were also enjoyed by all. Enjoy the photos!

Podcast: What We Wish We’d Known

In this week’s Living Youth Podcast, with guest co-host Mr. Mark Sandor, we reflect on our own “unchurched” youth and consider what we know now that we wish we’d known then. We hope you find it profitable! The Spotify link will be added as soon as it is available.

P.S. When I posted this earlier today, I forgot that we had mentioned some articles we wanted to link to. Here are those links! Click away!