Podcast 98: Delight in the Sabbath!

This week we talk with Mr. Phil Sena, friend of the podcast, and address a listener’s question about keeping the Sabbath. We hope you enjoy it and that your next Sabbath is all the more delightful for what you hear!

Podcast 97: Women, Wives, and Mothers Reflect Their Creator

Society does not sufficiently appreciate wives and mothers, constantly pressing women to seek satisfaction in other roles. In this week’s episode, we respond to a young listener’s request and discuss how women reflect their Creator in those roles He designed for them to fulfill.

Here’s the sermon we referred to in the podcast: “Woman by Design”

Podcast 96: The Difference Between Passover and the NTBMO

What is the difference between Passover and the Night to Be Much Observed? Good question! In this episode, we take a look and recommend a great article by the late John Ogwyn on the topic for your Spring Holy Day preparations.

The article by Mr. Ogwyn that we talk about can be found right here: “Understanding the ‘Night to Be Much Observed'”

Podcast 95: Lessons from the Eclipse

The total solar eclipse last week was quite a sight to behold! This week, we discuss the eclipse and some of the biblically oriented thoughts that might come to us in moments like these, when the heavens declare God’s glory a little more loudly than usual. Join us! (The two pics below are from our trip.)

Podcast 94: Love and Respect

Today, we invite Mr. Rod McNair to join us in answering a listener’s question: What does it mean to love and respect other people? Do love and respect depend on other people’s actions? Or are they unconditional? Join us!

[BTW: If you are a fan of podcasts and haven’t checked out the Brother to Brother podcast with Mr. McNair and his very own, real-life brother, Mr. Jonathan McNair, over on the Living Education website, you should! They regularly share insights on how to become a more Christ-like servant leader in your local congregation. You can find the latest episode here—along with Mr. Ken Frank’s Digging Deeper podcast—and the growing catalog of past shows here.]

Video: Molecular Motors Are Obviously Designed

This is a very short video, but the author has aggregated several great clips of molecular motor design in living cells. All I ask is that you look at it with your “commonsense hat” on: Do these look designed or not? Listen to the descriptions in the video: clutches, switches, etc. In a normal world, our basic, instinctive response to this information would be to assume that these motors have been intelligently crafted. Evolutionists seek to train you to ignore that instinct, and their words can sound convincing—after all, our untutored, “commonsense” conclusions about some phenomena are truly incorrect. Yet even some atheists recognize that the evidence behind the theory of evolution has not yet earned the credibility to ask you to ignore your intuitive conclusion that this is designed. Take a look for yourself:

Podcast 93: What We Wish We’d Known #2

Today, we take a page from one of our Season 1 episodes and take turns talking about things we know now that we wish we’d known when we were teens and young adults. Listen and learn!

And afterward, if you want to listen to the first podcast, featuring Mr. Mark Sandor, click here.