Podcast 51: They Came from CANADA! 🇨🇦

This week we have the privilege of sitting down with two good friends visiting from the Church’s Canadian HQ, Mr. Michael Heykoop and Mr. Javid Khan, to talk about Canada’s very vital part in God’s Work around the world and to learn a little more about their mysterious and exotic nation.

Also, in the next post, we’ll include a Canadian TW telecast featuring Mr. Heykoop and a TW Viewpoint featuring Mr. Khan, so you can do the creepy pause-and-stare thing we talk about in the podcast. And, when you’re done, watch the programs! They are excellent.

The podcast is available below in the usual formats: YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Enjoy!

“The War Against Normal” Article

The last podcast mentioned the article “The War Against Normal” that was published in the January 2023 Tomorrow’s World magazine. If you are interested in checking it out, here’s a link:

Podcast 50: How Romans 1 Explains the World Around Us

Romans 1:18–32 does a pretty thorough job explaining why our world is terrible—and the thinking you need to avoid to prevent falling into the same trap. And it’s a trap being laid for the young, specifically, more than anyone else. Don’t fall for it!

When the Tomorrow’s World Magazine Was Upgraded

We mentioned in the last podcast that the Tomorrow’s World magazine was upgraded ten years ago this month, and some of you would be too young to remember! So, here are the two covers on either side of that change, from March-April 2013 to May-June 2013. And we are working on additional “refreshing” of the inside this year, so we’d appreciate your prayers!

And, while you’re at it, check out the newest issue! Yes, it talks about WWIII possibly making life terrible—but, hey, it talks about A.I. possibly making life terrible, too! No, seriously, give it a read. It will keep you up to date, and you get to see the adorable and totally fake space kitty that Mr. Ben Graham whipped up for us with a little A.I. help.

Here is the cover of the March-April 2013 TW magazine, highlighting the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the post-upgrade cover of the May-June 2013 TW magazine, covering the brand new Roman Catholic pope. We are grateful for all the hard work of all our graphic artists, in every incarnation the magazine has enjoyed!

Podcast 49: Who in the World Are You Guys, Anyway?

A lazy podcast at the end of a very busy week, but still hopefully a helpful one! A listener asked us to explain our work backgrounds and what brought us to where we are today, so we jump in and answer. And, still, there are opportunities to model biblical thinking. We hope you get something out of it, and for those in the middle of the Days of Unleavened Bread, we pray that the Festival is a profitable one for you!

(Also, we talk in the podcast about the change in the magazine format that the Church made ten years ago next month. We’ll add a post about that after this one.)

Podcast 48: The Poisonous Power of Blame

We’ve all done it. Adam and Eve did it! But it’s not helpful.

Blaming others. It blinds us and twists our thinking. But there is real power in “owning up” to our mistakes, errors, and sins. As the Spring Holy Days approach and we are all examining ourselves, let’s consider the effect of blaming others for our choices and aim at doing better.

Podcast 47: Sweet, Sweet Deleavening Meditations

The deleavening that you do leading up to the Days of Unleavened Bread can bring some sweet, sweet meditations. There are a lot of lessons packed into that crumb-sweeping! Today, we flash back to some lessons we’ve learned, and we hope they inspire you to do some meditating yourself this season. [BTW: The Apple Podcast is taking a while to load. We’ll come back and add it when it is up, too!]