Podcast 79: A Future of Hope—with Mr. Gerald Weston!

It’s a privilege this week to have Mr. Gerald Weston on the podcast to talk about having the right perspective on the future and why teens and young adults can rest their hopes in what God has in store for them.

[We mention an older podcast, “How Can I Have Hope for My Future?” That one can be found here.]

Podcast 78: A Tale of Two Godzillas

Well, one of us saw a movie recently. With both America and Japan taking cinema’s most famous “big lizard” out for a spin, we talk about the differences in their approaches and try to model biblically shaped thinking and perspective when processing the offerings of pop culture.

P.S. For some reason, the Spotify embedding is not currently working. We’ve tested it with old episodes that worked before, and it is not working for any of them. So, we presume it is a temporary Spotify issue (even the Spotify app was acting a bit buggy). So, if Spotify is your platform of choice, it is not embedded below, but should still work. That is, you can still find us on Spotify if you search for us, or you can try this link.

Podcast 77: Girlboss, Soft Girl, Trad Wife, or …?

Social archetypes are shoved onto young women from all sides—moving from “fashionable” to “cringy” so fast they might make your head spin. Today, we take a look at the Girlboss idea, the Soft Girl era that wants to replace it, and the Trad Wife phenomenon, and then consider what God says a young woman should actually aim for. It might surprise you!

The usual platforms are below. But first, we mention a couple of sermons in these podcasts—here also are links to those.

Podcast 76: Israel & Gaza: Keeping a Clear Head

We’re back after our Thanksgiving break! And this week we discuss some of the temptations and misunderstandings that you might come across as you listen to the news about the Israel-Gaza conflict. A lot of people want young minds on their side—keep yours on God’s.

Podcast 75: Why Counsel Before Getting Engaged?

When you hear “pre-engagement counseling,” you might ask yourself, “Why would I want to counsel with a minister before I get engaged?” Yet, if you’re thinking biblically, it makes perfect sense. Join us as we talk about it on this week’s episode.

Podcast 74: All About the COE—Again!

The Council of Elders meetings just ended yesterday, and so many of you liked our podcast about what those are like we thought we’d do another one! We hope you enjoy it.

Also, here are the two articles we mention in the podcast: one from Mr. Weston about the Council of Elders and one from Mr. Hernández from 2014 discussing what the Bible says about events in the Middle East. We recommend them both!

Podcast 73: “Who Gets into Heaven?”

Our tongue-in-cheek title refers to an attention-getting conversation featured by Daily Wire on Twitter (fine… on X) between conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron. Shapiro’s question and Barron’s answer both reveal tempting misunderstandings you can’t afford to make. Let’s crack open our Bibles and take a look! (A link to the original comment on Daily Wire’s X feed is below.)

By the way, if you’d like to study on this topic, here are two resources:

  • Our booklet Is This the Only Day of Salvation? If you’ve never understood the second resurrection and how everyone will get an opportunity to be saved and how that opportunity is not a wishy-washy one, this is the booklet for you.
  • No link is available but hopefully you have it in your library: Lesson 11 of the TW Bible Study Course covers what salvation means and goes into some helpful detail on this topic. (Actually, Lesson 10 helps.)

(Tweet from the Daily Wire with the original conversation can be found here.)