Video: Molecular Motors Are Obviously Designed

This is a very short video, but the author has aggregated several great clips of molecular motor design in living cells. All I ask is that you look at it with your “commonsense hat” on: Do these look designed or not? Listen to the descriptions in the video: clutches, switches, etc. In a normal world, our basic, instinctive response to this information would be to assume that these motors have been intelligently crafted. Evolutionists seek to train you to ignore that instinct, and their words can sound convincing—after all, our untutored, “commonsense” conclusions about some phenomena are truly incorrect. Yet even some atheists recognize that the evidence behind the theory of evolution has not yet earned the credibility to ask you to ignore your intuitive conclusion that this is designed. Take a look for yourself:

Podcast 92: The Pros and Cons of Science Fiction

Science fiction is still popular, as recent box-office results illustrate. But indulging in fiction of any sort requires us to keep our biblical worldview in place and our biblically thinking brains engaged, with sci-fi, as a genre, presenting some special challenges in this regard. Today, we talk about that and hope you’ll join us!

Also, we mention a split sermon in this week’s podcast. Here it is: “Processing Data in Fakeworld.”

Podcast 86: Choosing Your Friends Wisely

Your friends will have a powerful impact and influence on you. On this week’s podcast, we discuss some biblical passages that can help us to choose our friends wisely.

In the episode, we briefly mention an article that talks about the people you will inevitably meet if you are on social media. If you’d like to read that article, here it is: “A Biblical Guide for Using Social Media.” (We both have since thought that “The Five People You Will Meet Online” might be a better name, but it is what it is!)

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  • We occasionally highlight key moments in LCG sermons or articles you might find especially interesting.
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Living Ed Video! Looking Back on 2022–2023

I just saw this was online and realized many of you may have never seen it. So, as the Living Ed school year begins anew here in Charlotte this week, we thought it would be good to highlight this video featuring last year’s class—that is, the class of 2023—and illustrating a little about life at LE! This year’s group, the class of 2024, is the largest yet at 22. Looking forward to what the next nine months has in store for them.

Sermon mentioned: “The Third Law”

In Episode 64 of the podcast, Mr. Robinson mentions a great sermon by the late Mr. Rod King. It really is a wonderful sermon—one of his best—and we heartily recommend it to you if you’ve never listened to it.

“Unpardonable Sin” Whiteboard video mentioned in Podcast 62

We thought this was so nicely done that it seemed worth posting on its own page. Podcast 62 was about the “Unpardonable Sin” and we linked to this video there on that page. But here it is, embedded, if you’d like to watch it. We think the whiteboard crew did a great job with this one—a video viewed on YouTube more than 1.3 million times. Have a look! (Then listen to the podcast! And read Mr. Ames’ article!)