Podcast 95: Lessons from the Eclipse

The total solar eclipse last week was quite a sight to behold! This week, we discuss the eclipse and some of the biblically oriented thoughts that might come to us in moments like these, when the heavens declare God’s glory a little more loudly than usual. Join us! (The two pics below are from our trip.)

Podcast 94: Love and Respect

Today, we invite Mr. Rod McNair to join us in answering a listener’s question: What does it mean to love and respect other people? Do love and respect depend on other people’s actions? Or are they unconditional? Join us!

[BTW: If you are a fan of podcasts and haven’t checked out the Brother to Brother podcast with Mr. McNair and his very own, real-life brother, Mr. Jonathan McNair, over on the Living Education website, you should! They regularly share insights on how to become a more Christ-like servant leader in your local congregation. You can find the latest episode here—along with Mr. Ken Frank’s Digging Deeper podcast—and the growing catalog of past shows here.]

Podcast 93: What We Wish We’d Known #2

Today, we take a page from one of our Season 1 episodes and take turns talking about things we know now that we wish we’d known when we were teens and young adults. Listen and learn!

And afterward, if you want to listen to the first podcast, featuring Mr. Mark Sandor, click here.

Podcast 91: Q&A Potpourri!

This week we tackle a collection of short questions from listeners: Why are Sabbath services structured the way they are? How do we relate to people outside the Church? And how do we discern God’s will? We hope to do more Q&A Potpourri episodes in the future, so let us know what you think!

P.S. Adding this a week later. The sermon mentioned in the podcast just dropped on YouTube an hour ago! Feel free to click here to watch or listen to Mr. Jonathan McNair’s sermon “A Biblical Perspective on Knowing God and His Will.”

Podcast 90: IVF and Emotion-Based Morals

The Alabama Supreme Court decision in February 2024, declaring embryos created for purposes of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to be children has generated shockwaves in the political realm and is exposing just how much what is right or wrong is grounded in little more than emotion and what our hearts tell us. But how will we think about such things if we are biblically minded? Listen and find out.

[Also, the podcast with Mr. Sandor we refer to in this podcast can be found by clicking here or going to the podcast page and clicking on “Episode 6: Christians and the Constitution.” Wow—that was a long time ago! We also refer to a commentary from 2006 titled “Stem Cell Research—What BOTH Sides Miss”—also a long time ago!]

Podcast 89: Read the Proverbs!

It’s the beginning of a new month—a great time to begin reading a chapter of Proverbs every day! Today we discuss four proverbs that have had an impact on both of us, in the hopes we can inspire you to give it a shot.


Podcast 88: An Atheist’s Confession of Blind Faith

An atheist confesses that her conviction God does not exist is grounded in her blind faith decision when she was six years old. But what she has to say should prompt us to explore the relationship between faith and evidence—something she gets wrong, as do so many others. Let’s explore the topic together.

In the podcast today, we mention a profound Living Church News article from Mr. Gerald Weston titled “Understanding Hebrews 11:1.” You should read it! So many get this wrong—even in the Church—and the meaning of the verse is so much deeper than many consider. We hope you will click on the link (or this one!) and take some time to read it and think about the point he is making in it. We touch on his point in the podcast since it relates to the topic, but it is worth focusing on in its own right.