Podcast 107: Meditations on an Almost-Assassination

The near-miss assassination attempt on Mr. Trump could have been a national tragedy. In moments like this, it is vital to think biblically and not just emotionally. Today, we meditate together on some important principles that should come to mind in a moment like this one.

Podcast 107: Remembering Mr. Richard Ames

Today, we sit down with our guest, Mr. Phil Sena, and share some memories about Mr. Richard Ames, a faithful servant of God, and reflect on his life and legacy.

Podcast 106: Why We Don’t Engage in Politics

Why don’t we get involved in politics? As the world around us falls apart, it can be increasingly tempting to follow the crowds into the voting booth. But it isn’t God’s way, and with thanks to a listener who asked us about this question, today we discuss why. Please join us!

P.S. Two things! (1) Teen Camp is gearing up! Just like we’ve done before in recent years, we’ll be posting pictures here on LivingYouth.org not long after it starts. Hopefully daily or close to it. So, keep checking in! (2) Mr. Gerald Weston has an excellent Living Church News article coming out on the same topic as today’s podcast, and we should have mentioned it! In fact, it’s already out online, and you can read it right now. The title is tongue-in-cheek: “‘It Is Your Patriotic Duty to Vote.'” (You have to look hard to see the quote marks in the quote marks…) Click through—it’s a quick read and crystal clear!

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Podcast 105: Wisdom of the Ages: Honoring Our Elderly

In this episode, we discuss the timeless wisdom and plain old good advice that Leviticus 19:32 offers when it tells us to rise before the grayheaded. Obeying the command to honor our elderly brings a lot of benefits, not just to them but to us. Listen in and learn why!

Podcast 104: From Walt to Woke: Disney’s Changing Values

You might wonder if it’s your imagination, but it’s not: Disney, broadly considered the premier producer of children’s entertainment and media, is actively pressing queer theory and gender ideology on their viewers. Today, we talk about Disney’s not-that-secret agenda and share some biblical thoughts about the implications for our times and the choices we should make about the media we consume.

Podcast 103: God’s Spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind!

With Pentecost right around the corner, today we zoom in on 2 Timothy 1:7 to see what it says about God’s Spirit and the courage, power, love, and sound-mindedness it enables in our lives. Whether you are already baptized or baptism is yet in your future, understanding what it means to have God’s Spirit is vital, and we hope this episode helps to get you started in the right direction.

This week’s podcast is based on an article in the May-June 2024 issue of the Living Church News (which you probably have in your house right now!) we highly recommend: “The Holy Spirit: Changing Your Life.” It’s adapted from an older article by the late Mr. John H. Ogwyn, which is available—along with many other articles—selected for the public on the LCG.org website. Read the article this weekend (it’s short and worth your while!), and then head over there and check out other articles/studies we have available there, some of which are about Pentecost. Meanwhile, the links below will send you to the online version of the LCN article and to a sermon mentioned in the episode. And, as usual, links to the podcast platforms are below that.

Have an uplifting and edifying Feast of Pentecost!

Podcast 102: “Dad, Why Aren’t We Normal?”

A question asked by Mr. Robinson’s daughter years ago turned into a sermonette, then a Bible study, then a pre-teen camp Christian Living class, and now a Tomorrow’s World article that you will see in the July-August 2024 issue in a few weeks! Today we chat with him about that question: Dad, why aren’t we normal?