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LYP Teen Camp 2024: Topics & Dance, Speech, Life Roles, and Camper Chants (about… a goat?) before Christian Living

1B & 3G cleaned up for Topics & Dance.

1B at Speech & Communication.

2B learning some skills in Life Roles!

Fun morning chants, followed by Christian Living.

LYP Teen Camp 2024: The homestretch! Pics from Volleyball, the canoeing trip, Softball, and Life Roles

We’re in the homestretch of camp and striving to end strong! First, here are pics from 1B & 3B as they practice and scrimmage in volleyball.

1G & 2G spend an afternoon canoeing.

1G prepares for Topics and Dance

3B & 4B play a bit of softball.

LYP Teen Camp 2024: Photos from Topics & Dance, Softball, Swimming, and Canoeing!

2B & 4G posed for pictures in an earlier post, but here are some pics from the Topics & Dance event, itself.

1G & 4G at Softball

3G & 4B go on a canoe trip.

1B learns new swim strokes.

LYP Teen Camp 2024: Learning to dive into the water, dive for the ball, and dive into God’s word!

1B & 3B set sail. Well, no sail, but there are boats…

2B & 4B doing drills in Volleyball.

3G going through the S.E.P.—the Scripture Education Program class.

4B masters different swim strokes.

In the pictures below, Mr. Josh Lyons gives us 10 reasons why we keep the Sabbath, campers take a bit of a siesta after lunch, and others enjoy hanging out before Evening Activities, followed by Evening Reflection (dressed-up campers had been at the Topics & Dance).

LYP Teen Camp 2024: Camp continues under not-as-hot-as-usual Texas skies!

So far, Texas has been a bit cooler than normal, and it’s appreciated! Campers are doing well. Here are more pics!

1B takes aim in Archery class.

1B in Life Roles, taking their turn at cutting and sweating copper pipe.

3G takes aim in archery—and enjoys the fans!

1G is making jewelry.

4G gets in some softball drills.

2B’s turn to sweat in the copper mines—well, to sweat copper pipe!

LYP Teen Camp 2024: Another Topics & Dance, Bonus Archery & Dance Time, and Some Christian Living

Topics & Dance for 3B & 2G. The theme this time is “Under the Stars.”

While Topics & Dance is going on for those two dorms, the rest of the campers are enjoying Evening Activities of their choice, such as those below who wanted extra archery and dance time.

And below, Mr. Brent Mitchell instructs us on how to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

LYP Teen Camp 2024: At the halfway point in a great year of camp! More basketball scrimmaging, canoe swamping, arrow launching, and… torch wielding? Yep!

1G & 4G—basketball scrimmage!

2B & 3B boys, getting it all down.

2G & 4G swamping those canoes. It happens, so be ready for it!

3B soldering and sweating copper pipe in Life Roles.

3G shows the bullseyes no mercy.

4B takes their turn cutting, soldering, and sweating copper pipe.