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Podcast: What We Wish We’d Known

In this week’s Living Youth Podcast, with guest co-host Mr. Mark Sandor, we reflect on our own “unchurched” youth and consider what we know now that we wish we’d known then. We hope you find it profitable! The Spotify link will be added as soon as it is available. P.S. When I posted this earlier […]

Podcast: Resist the Pressure to Blur Gender Lines!

On today’s podcast, we discuss the pressures on boys and girls (and on young men and young women) to ignore the differences in the two sexes God created and to adopt a confusing, self-destructive worldview. Huge forces in society are seeking to rob from you the joys of embracing the gender God designed you to […]

Something for the Ladies…

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Living Church News occasionally publishes a feature called “Woman to Woman.” Written by a woman in God’s Church, it is meant to help fulfill Paul’s admonition to older or more experienced ladies, recorded in Titus 2:4–5, that they pass down wisdom in godly femininity and womanhood to […]

Welcome to the Living Youth Programs website!

All you need to know… If you are here for teen camp or preteen camp photos, the many posts are scattered below. If you are here for the weekly podcast, then click right here for the whole collection: The Living Youth Podcast. If you’re here to discover what else is out here (other videos, posts, […]

Podcast: Why Does God Say He Hates Divorce?

(Again, if you are here for camp pics, just keep scrolling!) Mr. Robinson is back in town! We sat down and discussed a topic that has been on our minds since we discussed the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp defamation case: Why does God say He hates divorce? “Hate” is a strong word! But Malachi 2:16 is […]

“Quiet & peace in the camps of Israel”

We’ve got more photos and videos coming, but we are taking a break from uploading for the Sabbath—just as the campers themselves are enjoying God’s rest after a wonderfully busy initial week. Take care, please remember the campers and staff in your prayers, and thank you for your support!