A Great, Short Video on the Supposed Whale Evolutionary Sequence

Some time ago, we did a Tomorrow’s World telecast on the problems with whale evolution. Why focus on whales? Because the supposed evolutionary sequence of whales is touted as one of the clearest and most supported by evidence. (Horses and, of course, humans are similarly touted. Pretty predictable touting. Or toutage, perhaps. Not really sure.) Yet, when you look at it closely, it falls short, which should cause one to wonder: If one of the best examples of evolution is actually a terrible example, then what sort of faith does such a theory deserve?

We bring it up because we just stumbled on a great “Long Story Short” video from the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture that makes most of the same points as we did in the telecast, just quicker and (to be honest) cuter. We’ve featured their videos before (like this one), and they are very well-made (and well-documented). Check out—it’s short! You’ll find it below, and then, below that, our own telecast on the same subject.

…and here’s our program, “Evolution: A Whale of a Tale,” making many of the same points.

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