Podcast 65: Reject Fake “Tate” Masculinity

The assault on masculinity and the so-called “patriarchy” in the public arena has left many young men looking for guidance. Too many turn to online “heroes” who offer a fake caricature of masculinity that is contrary to God’s original design for how men are supposed to be men. Today‚ we look at the difference and talk about what it means to embrace the kind of masculinity God intended.

Podcast 64: Talking Camp with Mr. Gerald Weston

LYP Teen Camp 2023 is over! Today, we sit down with the camp director and our presiding evangelist, Mr. Gerald Weston, to talk about how camp went and to ask him to explain some of the principles and values that drive our approach to serving our teenagers each summer at the camps. If you’ve ever wanted to know why we do what we do when we do camp, this is your episode!

Don’t forget that we’ve posted tons of pics from this year’s teen camp, available down below, and that more pictures from other camps, such as some of the preteen camps and the adventure camp, should be posted, as well, as soon as we find a spare moment! So, check back often. Now, here’s the podcast!

P.S. I forgot the link to the sermon Mr. Robinson mentioned that I said I would put up! We’ll put it in its own post right after this one—a real classic from Mr. Rod King. If you’ve never heard it, you should give it a listen.

Podcast 63: How Do We Understand the “Angry Psalms”?

The Psalms have some pretty violent imagery in them! If they are models for us, in many ways, about how to really pour our hearts out to God in prayer, then what are we to do with these “angry psalms”? Mr. Robinson is here to help us out!

Podcast 62: What Is the Unpardonable Sin?

The question doesn’t just perplex those new to the idea—sometimes those of us who have heard of it before find ourselves worrying about it. Just what is the “unpardonable sin”? Have I committed it? How would I know? On today’s episode of the Living Youth Podcast, we answer these questions.

We also refer to other resources we have on the topic. Here is a link to some of those. The podcast channels are available right underneath, as usual.

Podcast 61: The Lure of the Influencer Life

Influencers on social media are called that for a reason—they are extremely effective at influencing those who watch them. Their lives, attitudes, and apparent success can be extremely appealing, such that those who watch or listen come to want what the person or couple online seems to have. You might think you’re too savvy to be influenced, but don’t be too sure. Not only would 1 Corinthians 10:12 like to have a word, but the money talks too: Influencing is a multi-billion dollar industry because it works. Join us as we talk about the lure that such influencers dangle in front of us while we discuss how to stay grounded in reality and godly values.

Podcast 60: Is God a Socialist or a Capitalist? (Part 2)

Today, we answer the question of whether God is a socialist or a capitalist, and, spoiler alert, He’s neither. His approach to economics—the approach Jesus Christ will bring to this earth in the years just ahead of us—is miles above every “ism” of mankind. And He wants you to be a messenger for His way, not a drone drafted into the ideological war going on between today’s megaphone-enhanced advocates and activists. Listen in as we explore some of the principles and examples of God’s approach to economics as revealed in His word.

Podcast 59: Is God a Socialist or a Capitalist?

There is a war going on for your mind, seeking to conscript you into various ideological crusades and conflicts. These days—at least in the U.S.—one of the most passionate is taking place between defenders of capitalism and advocates of socialism. It might seem rather abstract, but yesterday’s boring academic debates are turning into today’s street fights and riots. And drafting young minds is the key, both sides seem to think, to winning the battle for their side.

So, if they are fighting for your mind, you should be ready to defend it. And we do that by (cue theme behind this podcast’s entire existence) thinking biblically. Because what Jesus Christ and His Father think in such things is, fundamentally, all that really matters.

This topic ended up being a big one, so this episode is part one of two. With a homework assignment at the end! Who doesn’t like homework?!? (Optional, of course! No, there will be no quiz…) We hope you’ll join us as we tackle the topic and set the stage for part two.