Podcast 72: Phil Sena on Growing Up in the Church

We’re back from the Feast and ready for the third season of the Living Youth Podcast—and what a privilege to have Mr. Phil Sena visit this week! At our request, he sits down with us, talks about his history growing up in the Church, and gives some helpful advice about processing dramatic happenings in the news (like we see around us right now). Check it out below on our usual channels and platforms.

Podcast 71: Looking Forward to the Millennium

As we all gear up to head out to our Feast of Tabernacles sites, we wanted to take some time to ponder some things we look forward to changing about the world in the Millennium under the reign of Jesus Christ. Listen in, then start your own conversation. And have a happy Feast!

Podcast 70: A New Year of Living Ed with Mr. Jonathan McNair!

We hope to have one more pre-Feast podcast this week, so stay tuned. But with Mr. Robinson back in the office, we were able to snag Mr. Jonathan McNair before he jets off to parts unknown—well, known but exciting!—for the Feast of Tabernacles and do our original plan of having him on the podcast for a discussion about the new year of Living Education. Join us as we talk about what’s new with the on-campus program, as well as Living Ed resources that are available to all of our members of all ages, everywhere.

Podcast 69: Behind the Scenes of FOT Planning with Mr. Rod McNair!

Before we all sing that first hymn on opening night of this year’s Feast of Tabernacles, it’s helpful to know that a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to make that night—and the eight days that follow—possible for all of us. Join us today as we chat with Mr. Rod McNair, Assistant Director of Church Administration, and get the scoop on what it takes to make our Feast observances happen—and hopefully get inspired to pitch in yourself!

[Also, this episode refers to a recent LCN article by Mr. Gerald Weston titled “How Does God Place His Name?” Very fitting reading before the FOT. Check it out at the link.]

Podcast 68: Feast of Tabernacles Memories

A pleasantly laid-back podcast this week, as we pause to reflect on favorite memories of Feasts of Tabernacles past and encourage you to plan on making wonderful memories yourself this coming Feast.

Podcast 67: Is the Door Closed?

A common refrain from some who once knew better is that the “door” to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is now closed until Jesus Christ’s return and that we should focus on “preparing the bride.” But is this true? It’s not. In fact, seeking to reach the world with God’s truth is essential to the health of the Body of Christ—including its growth as Christ’s bride. On today’s program, we talk about why. Because that door is very much still open!

We mention two Living Church News articles in this episode. Here are links to both.

Podcast 66: Reject Fake “Tate” Masculinity (Part 2)

In this week’s episode, we conclude our discussion of God’s design of men and masculinity, contrasting it against the fake masculinity on offer from too many hucksters out there.

Also, we mention three other resources on the podcast. Here they are!