Podcast 40: The Curse of Cursing (and Cussing!)

This week, we talk about cussing and cursing and how it really does make a difference—a topic suggested by one of you listeners. (Thanks!) What does using foul language really say about us, and what does God think about it? Tune in today, as we talk about the importance of keeping it clean.

The podcast is available on the usual platforms below. Also, there is a relevant Tomorrow’s World article we did not think of at the time we recorded this (maybe because the magazine graphic for that article has an embarrassing typo that we editors would like to forget), and you should read it! We’ll follow up with a link to it in a later post. [Update: Done!] In the meantime, enjoy the podcast!

Podcast 38: (Oops!) Tips for Bible Study, Part 2

We forgot a very important tip in our last podcast on Bible study—so important it was worth doing another one! Listen in, and take advantage of the most obvious Bible study tools you probably aren’t thinking about! Check it out by clicking below on the platform of your choice.

Podcast 37: Tips on Prayer and Meditation

Today’s podcast was recorded last week while Mr. Phil Sena was still visiting with us, and it focuses on a couple of questions from you. Seems like you want some tips on prayer and meditation! As for the sermon mentioned in the podcast, we’re going to add that to another post. In fact, it’s probably right above this post—so, scroll up! As for the podcast, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast versions can be found below.

Podcast 36: Tips for Bible Study

You want to study your Bible, but it seems intimidating sometimes. Is there a simple way to get started? Our guest today, Mr. Phil Sena, pastor of Living Church of God congregations in Ohio, offers helpful advice to get you past your excuses and into your Bible!

Podcast: Politics, Jury Duty, and the Military

In a world that is increasingly political, being representatives of a different kingdom presents its challenges. Join us today as we jump into our (non)relationship to politics and related topics.

The YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast embeds are below. Also, the podcast refers to a Living Church News article, “Christians and Causes.” A link to that can be found below, as well. We hope you find the episode and the article helpful!

And here’s a link to the article that is mentioned:

Podcast: Surviving Christmas

It’s that time of year again. As Christians who don’t keep Christmas, the season presents its special challenges! In this episode, we discuss some of those challenges, prompted by a request from one of our listeners. At a certain point in the podcast, we refer to a Tomorrow’s World Whiteboard video, which you can find by clicking here, or by watching it below. Also, you can now find us not only on Spotify, but also Apple Podcasts.

We hope this episode is helpful!

And here is the Whiteboard we mentioned.

Podcast: The Tasty Trifles of Gossip

A listener-recommended topic today from one of you: Gossip! Tempting to do, but so damaging to yourself and others. Today, we dive into gossip and talebearing and give some simple advice both to those who’ve been the victim of gossip and to those who feel its temptations.

The article mentioned in today’s podcast episode has been posted here on the Living Youth page before. Just head over to this entry almost a year ago—“Being Christian Online: Two Great Articles!”—and you’ll see a link to the article Mr. Robinson’s mentioned.