Podcast 47: Sweet, Sweet Deleavening Meditations

The deleavening that you do leading up to the Days of Unleavened Bread can bring some sweet, sweet meditations. There are a lot of lessons packed into that crumb-sweeping! Today, we flash back to some lessons we’ve learned, and we hope they inspire you to do some meditating yourself this season. [BTW: The Apple Podcast is taking a while to load. We’ll come back and add it when it is up, too!]

Podcast 46: How Can I Have Hope for My Future?

Today we answer a question from a listener: With the world getting worse as Jesus Christ’s return approaches nearer, how should a young person think about his or her future?

Podcast 45: Why Is the Bible Sometimes Vague?

Sometimes you just want the Bible to spell out all the “dos and don’ts” of things in all their details, but it doesn’t. Is that a bug or a feature? Join us today as we chat about why God might choose to handle some things this way.

You can find the episode on any of the platforms below, and if you have a favorite platform that we’re not on, just let us know at [email protected].

Podcast 44: A Sneak Preview of the Next TW!

Well, just as the March 2023 issue of Tomorrow’s World is hitting subscribers’ mailboxes, we’ve just finished creating the April-May 2023 issue. And with it still fresh in our minds, we thought we’d give you a preview. Asking whether we’re sleepwalking into WWIII, pondering the possibility of an A.I. information apocalypse, warning against the dangers of perfectionism, explaining why world leaders can’t fix anything, and more—we think this issue has a lot that deserves your attention!

Podcast 43: A.I.—Friend or Foe?

Artificial intelligence is quickly moving from behind the curtain to the very front of the stage, as increasingly intelligent chatbots, image generators, and more are entering mainstream use by “regular” folks. Join us for a bot-free chat as we ponder a bit together about what these new tools mean. Also, if you’d like to check out our old TW articles about A.I., mentioned in the podcast click here: “Artificial Intelligence: Promise or Peril?” and “In Our Own Image.”)

(For an example of the power of A.I.-generated images created by our own Ben Graham, check out this link.)

Podcast 42: The Grammys and the Super Bowl: Celebrating Perversity

The Grammys and the Super Bowl halftime show are times when our culture is spending a lot of money to put its values on display. And, on the whole, they were celebrations of perversity. Let’s talk about why. This week’s podcast is available below on the usual platforms!

Podcast 41: Dealing with Crushes

How do you deal with having a crush? It’s a popular question you’ve sent to us, and we tackle it on this week’s podcast.

Also, we’ll follow this up with another post that has a link to the Tomorrow’s World article by Mr. Jonathan McNair about dating, “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?”

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