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Podcast: If We’re “Salt”… Should We Vote?

Today’s podcast involves a question that has floated around among some Church of God youth in recent years: If Jesus calls Christians the “salt of the earth” (He did) and if salt is used as a preservative and purifying agent (it is), then does that imply we should vote in elections in today’s world to […]

Sermon Snippet: Rights vs. Responsibilities

If you listened to last week’s podcast, you heard us talk with Mr. Mark Sandor about the U.S. Constitution, and we noted how the freedoms our governments provide shouldn’t prevent us from restricting ourselves based on God’s laws and desires, and how a “return to the Constitution” is not enough to save the U.S.—we need […]

Podcast: Christians and the Constitution

Many in the world want to distract you from what God wants you to do with your life by pointing you to their political causes, and some of those causes can seem attractive and can pull us away from Jesus’ standard, stated when He explained “My kingdom is not of this world.” People are throwing […]

Ezekiel’s Temple modeled in Minecraft by the Wilsons!

You know, when you throw out a suggestion in services, you have to be careful, because someone might take you up on it! At the Feast in Lake Geneva last year, I mentioned to the crowd at the Friday night Bible study that I’d always hoped someone would model Ezekiel’s Temple for me in Minecraft […]

New This Week!

It’s easy to miss everything that gets posted over the week, so here’s what’s new this week: A new podcast answering whether or not we should answer fools, based on Proverbs 26:4–5 Some photos from the Merrill Family Weekend A quick video using the Ukraine situation to help explain how we “do” prophecy in the […]