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Podcast 75: Why Counsel Before Getting Engaged?

When you hear “pre-engagement counseling,” you might ask yourself, “Why would I want to counsel with a minister before I get engaged?” Yet, if you’re thinking biblically, it makes perfect sense. Join us as we talk about it on this week’s episode.

Podcast 74: All About the COE—Again!

The Council of Elders meetings just ended yesterday, and so many of you liked our podcast about what those are like we thought we’d do another one! We hope you enjoy it. Also, here are the two articles we mention in the podcast: one from Mr. Weston about the Council of Elders and one from […]

Podcast 73: “Who Gets into Heaven?”

Our tongue-in-cheek title refers to an attention-getting conversation featured by Daily Wire on Twitter (fine… on X) between conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron. Shapiro’s question and Barron’s answer both reveal tempting misunderstandings you can’t afford to make. Let’s crack open our Bibles and take a look! (A link to the […]

Podcast 72: Phil Sena on Growing Up in the Church

We’re back from the Feast and ready for the third season of the Living Youth Podcast—and what a privilege to have Mr. Phil Sena visit this week! At our request, he sits down with us, talks about his history growing up in the Church, and gives some helpful advice about processing dramatic happenings in the […]