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Attack of the Unleavened Tacos

With the Days of Unleavened Bread right around the corner, it seems a good time to bring out this short story. During the Days of Unleavened Bread many years ago when I was pastoring congregations in Missouri, I had a trip out of town for a ministerial visit that saw me leaving rather hastily and […]

Podcast: Let’s Talk About that Oscars Slap

No, we didn’t watch the Oscars. But whether you watched them or not, it’s hard to escape the footage of Will Smith’s now-infamous on-stage slap of Chris Rock after the comedian’s joke concerning Mrs. Smith’s shaved head. Frankly, the new Best Actor award winner could have used Mr. Robinson’s advice here in this podcast! What’s […]

The Promise of a Brand New Beginning

We published an old commentary by Mr. Jonathan McNair recently that was (1) related to Passover, (2) referenced recently in a sermon by Mr. Weston, and (3) so very, very encouraging. It highlights that Passover isn’t just about looking backward and that all of us can gain hope from the promise that’s available to us […]

Podcast: So, if Christ has a tattoo, can I get one?

Today’s podcast features a novel take on the age-old question of tattoos! Does Revelation 19:16 imply Jesus Christ had a tattoo? And if so, does that mean we can get one? The answer is straightforward, but there’s more to consider, starting with a follow-up question: Why do you want one? We hope you enjoy the […]