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Podcast 102: “Dad, Why Aren’t We Normal?”

A question asked by Mr. Robinson’s daughter years ago turned into a sermonette, then a Bible study, then a pre-teen camp Christian Living class, and now a Tomorrow’s World article that you will see in the July-August 2024 issue in a few weeks! Today we chat with him about that question: Dad, why aren’t we […]

Podcast 101: Harrison Butker’s Speech and Prophecy

When 28-year-old Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker recently gave a commencement address to Benedictine College graduates, he kicked off a firestorm of controversy. But biblically discerning listeners will note a mix of great values and great inaccuracies in his speech—and, believe it or not, potentially prophetic relevance. Join us as we break it down! […]

Incredible Animations of the Machinery Within Our Cells

Mr. Gerald Weston loves to mention the complexity of even the simplest cells as evidence of a Creator. And at a Charlotte Family Weekend years ago, I showed a video by animator Mr. Drew Berry (with Mr. Berry’s permission) depicting, with scientific accuracy, the process of DNA replication inside our cells. When you see videos […]

Harrison Butker’s Amazing (& Very Catholic) Speech

You may or may not be into football, but the 28-year-old kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, Harrison Butker, gave quite a commencement address this month to the graduates of Benedictine College, a Catholic university in Kansas. Whether you have or haven’t, it’s worth knowing what took place. First, Butker is clear and plain about […]