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Cats and Cows in Space

In Podcast 43—“A.I.—Friend or Foe?”—we talk about the ability artificial intelligence now gives people to images with just a simple textual prompt. So, we wanted to give you an example of that. We’ll have more realistic images in the April-May 2023 Tomorrow’s World magazine, but these are excellent examples of how someone with no artistic […]

(Non-)Podcast: Our Apologies!

We apologize! We have no new podcast to post this week, for the reasons mentioned in the hastily created video below. However, we hope you will consider this old podcast below—one of our earliest podcasts that some of you have missed. Have a good Sabbath!

Seven Keys to Knowing Your Bible

I was working on organizing a new LCN article series about the four basic disciplines (Bible study, prayer, fasting, and meditation), and in doing so, I came across this sermon by Mr. Richard Ames on knowing your Bible. Toward the end, he discusses seven keys to knowing your Bible, and I thought that they sounded […]

TW Article: “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?”

Here is the July-August 2020 Tomorrow’s World article by Mr. Jonathan McNair that was referenced on this week’s podcast: “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?” Though it was written to parents, it is really instructive for anyone wanting to understand what we should be focusing on in different stages of our development, versus the priorities pressed […]

Podcast 41: Dealing with Crushes

How do you deal with having a crush? It’s a popular question you’ve sent to us, and we tackle it on this week’s podcast. Also, we’ll follow this up with another post that has a link to the Tomorrow’s World article by Mr. Jonathan McNair about dating, “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?” Scroll below for […]