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Past TW Article on Profanity

The podcast this week (posted below—click here if you haven’t heard it, yet!) focused on how God doesn’t want us to cuss and curse and use bad language. After we finished, we remembered a related, short article from back in mid-2019 by Mr. Dexter Wakefield, titled “Profanity!” Check it out at the link below if […]

Podcast 39: “Is It OK?” Is Not Enough

Inspired by a keynote sermon Mr. Gerald Weston gave five years ago, today we tackle the tempting but misleadingly dangerous habit of asking, “Is it OK?” If we’re going to think biblically like Jesus did, we have to learn to ask better questions. You’ll find the podcast available below in all its various platforms, and […]

How Unique Geography Gives the U.S. Superpowers

We often emphasize in the Church that the United States and Great Britain did not become great because they are somehow “better than everyone else” and that the source of their abundant blessings is God’s unconditional promise to their physical descendant Abraham. Continuously enjoying those blessings is very conditional, but that’s a story for another […]