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Podcast 61: The Lure of the Influencer Life

Influencers on social media are called that for a reason—they are extremely effective at influencing those who watch them. Their lives, attitudes, and apparent success can be extremely appealing, such that those who watch or listen come to want what the person or couple online seems to have. You might think you’re too savvy to […]

Lean In (and Scroll Down) for Camp Photos!

The camp pictures you are likely here to see are waiting for you below—just keep scrolling! We’ll be posting pics from Teen Camp daily, sometimes twice a day, and maybe some Adventure Camp and Preteen Camp pictures in there as well. (Click on any picture in a post’s gallery to see it full-sized.) Meanwhile, all […]

Podcast 59: Is God a Socialist or a Capitalist?

There is a war going on for your mind, seeking to conscript you into various ideological crusades and conflicts. These days—at least in the U.S.—one of the most passionate is taking place between defenders of capitalism and advocates of socialism. It might seem rather abstract, but yesterday’s boring academic debates are turning into today’s street […]

Podcast 58: Weaponizing “Love”

Love is a very good thing. After all, the Apostle John said “God is love” for a reason. But both the world and individuals in the world weaponize “love” in a number of ways that, frankly, have nothing to do with real love, at all. Join us this week as we explain how.