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Incredible Animations of the Machinery Within Our Cells

Mr. Gerald Weston loves to mention the complexity of even the simplest cells as evidence of a Creator. And at a Charlotte Family Weekend years ago, I showed a video by animator Mr. Drew Berry (with Mr. Berry’s permission) depicting, with scientific accuracy, the process of DNA replication inside our cells. When you see videos like these, you understand why Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA’s structure, once said, “Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved,” and why famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins once wrote, “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” Because one’s natural reaction to seeing such videos is that these molecular machines were obviously designed for a purpose.

If you’ve never seen such videos for yourselves, two of them are below. One shows—again, with scientific accuracy—how the mitochondria of our cells create ATP molecules, the “energy” molecules we rely on for the processes of life. The other is a collection of videos depicting various mechanisms related to DNA. If you are honest with yourself, you will see designed machines at work in these images. They are a tribute to the skill and talent of Mr. Drew Berry and the folks at WEHI—who, it should be noted, did not create these videos to make any religious points (indeed, I have no idea concerning any religious ties at all), but out of a desire to accurately depict the processes within our cells.

Here are the two videos from the WEHI YouTube channel.

Podcast 95: Lessons from the Eclipse

The total solar eclipse last week was quite a sight to behold! This week, we discuss the eclipse and some of the biblically oriented thoughts that might come to us in moments like these, when the heavens declare God’s glory a little more loudly than usual. Join us! (The two pics below are from our trip.)

Kurzgesagt on the Human Immune System

Are you familiar with Kurzgesagt videos? Apparrently, “kurzgesagt” is German for “briefly said” or the English idiom “in a nutshell.” And the Kurzgesagt YouTube channel aims at making complex and interesting topics simple to understand. Regrettably, they come from the sort of background you might expect for worldly science folks: Pro-evolution, etc. Still, the way they explain topics is often both entertaining and educational—and, when it happens to highlight the amazing design of life, they end up providing a Romans 1:20 witness to God’s power and how amazing His design of creation truly is.

As a sample, we thought their video below on the human immune system is simply fantastic at illustrating just how remarkable this God-designed system truly is. We’ve written about it before (in the TW: “The War Beneath Your Skin”), and seeing it discussed at length in these videos—yet so succinctly with such pleasant illustrations—really brings out details we would never have space to include in an article.

So, feel free to take a look at the first video (one in a series of three) and see if it impresses you, as well, at how amazing God’s design of your body truly is. And if they bring up evolution, ask yourself: How plausible is it really that such a system could evolve? The answer is pretty obvious when you think about it—not plausible at all.


What LEGO bricks have to say about God’s existence

Yes, I know they are toys. But no one honestly appreciating the engineering marvel that a Lego brick represents can turn right around and easily dismiss the fact that God exists. Seriously! I hope this video helps make that point.

Great animated video: Is the origin of life already solved?

Credit to Mr. Weston, who pointed me to this video. I love this channel and its videos, but I did not know this one was out.

When you hear people spin tales of how life began as a mix of chemicals somewhere a long time ago and how that is totally, totally, totally believable and that it has even been shown scientifically how it is possible, you can discard such smoke and mirrors. This well-done little video demonstrates why you should ignore them because the science does not say what too many claim it says…

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Expanded (Amazing) DNA Video from Charlotte Family Weekend

Those who attended the Charlotte Family Weekend at the end of 2019 and saw the seminar where we discussed reasons to believe God exists. If so, you saw an amazing video depicting DNA replication, created by Drew Barry, a professional science animator who kindly gave us permission to show the video to our audience.

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