Expanded (Amazing) DNA Video from Charlotte Family Weekend

Those who attended the Charlotte Family Weekend at the end of 2019 and saw the seminar where we discussed reasons to believe God exists. If so, you saw an amazing video depicting DNA replication, created by Drew Barry, a professional science animator who kindly gave us permission to show the video to our audience.

That video accurately represented the best scientific understanding we have of the remarkable molecular machines that duplicate DNA—the closest thing we can get to actually watching them in action. For anyone seeing that video clip, the most reasonable conclusion is that those molecular machines were designed to do their jobs.

Well, the institute for which the video was made, WEHI, has posted on YouTube a collection of works by Mr. Barry and his colleague Etsuko Uno with even more astonishing footage. The video is embedded below. If you want to jump right to the DNA replication clip, you can skip to time 2:28, but I’d recommend you watch the whole thing. No reasonable human being could watch the video—which seeks to accurately and precisely represent the way our genetic machinery really works—and not conclude that the entire system looks intelligently designed.

All of this is going on in every one of your normal cells, all the time, non-stop, enabling your body to function and keep you alive and able to read exciting videos about it all. There’s no computer controlling it all, no CPU somewhere telling everything what to do. The entire world of the cell is an astonishing and careful arrangement designed to make exacting use of the collective laws of physics and chemistry to create a self-regulating, self-reproducing, self-constructing organism: you.

(One personal favorite moment: When the Vitamin D makes contact with specially designed proteins that unlock a transcription protein unit to begin traveling the DNA to make bone-strengthening material. Don’t ask me why it’s one of my favorites. It just is.)

The whole thing is below. It’s just a little over 7 minutes long and worth watching.

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