LYP Camp Christian Living: Fun for you, hell for me

This morning Mr. Kinnear Penman, visiting pastor from The Philippines presented the Christian Living class titled Fun for you, hell for me.

Also included, a special music performance by the Roldan family. Both are available on the LYP Streaming page (where you’ll also find any other video material from camp) at

As always, you’ll need the LYP Bible study password. If you don’t have it, you can see the password by logging into your MyLCG account. If you don’t have a MyLCG account, you can also email [email protected] to request the broadcast password.

Live Bible Study – Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Join us at 9am (eastern) for Mr. Robert Tyler’s Bible Study titled Blessed are the Pure in Heart:

Live Bible Study – Blessed are the meek

Watch Mr. Wallace Smith, live at 9am this morning, speaking on “Blessed are the meek”

Watch here:

Download the study notes

Christian Living Class: Principles of Emotional Maturity

For our second Christian Living class, Mr. Adam West gave a study titled Principles of Emotional Maturity.

Adam West – Principles of Emotional Maturity – Ohio Teen Camp 2013