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Podcast 94: Love and Respect

Today, we invite Mr. Rod McNair to join us in answering a listener’s question: What does it mean to love and respect other people? Do love and respect depend on other people’s actions? Or are they unconditional? Join us!

[BTW: If you are a fan of podcasts and haven’t checked out the Brother to Brother podcast with Mr. McNair and his very own, real-life brother, Mr. Jonathan McNair, over on the Living Education website, you should! They regularly share insights on how to become a more Christ-like servant leader in your local congregation. You can find the latest episode here—along with Mr. Ken Frank’s Digging Deeper podcast—and the growing catalog of past shows here.]

Podcast 93: What We Wish We’d Known #2

Today, we take a page from one of our Season 1 episodes and take turns talking about things we know now that we wish we’d known when we were teens and young adults. Listen and learn!

And afterward, if you want to listen to the first podcast, featuring Mr. Mark Sandor, click here.

Podcast 92: The Pros and Cons of Science Fiction

Science fiction is still popular, as recent box-office results illustrate. But indulging in fiction of any sort requires us to keep our biblical worldview in place and our biblically thinking brains engaged, with sci-fi, as a genre, presenting some special challenges in this regard. Today, we talk about that and hope you’ll join us!

Also, we mention a split sermon in this week’s podcast. Here it is: “Processing Data in Fakeworld.”

Podcast 91: Q&A Potpourri!

This week we tackle a collection of short questions from listeners: Why are Sabbath services structured the way they are? How do we relate to people outside the Church? And how do we discern God’s will? We hope to do more Q&A Potpourri episodes in the future, so let us know what you think!

P.S. Adding this a week later. The sermon mentioned in the podcast just dropped on YouTube an hour ago! Feel free to click here to watch or listen to Mr. Jonathan McNair’s sermon “A Biblical Perspective on Knowing God and His Will.”

Podcast 89: Read the Proverbs!

It’s the beginning of a new month—a great time to begin reading a chapter of Proverbs every day! Today we discuss four proverbs that have had an impact on both of us, in the hopes we can inspire you to give it a shot.

Podcast 87: Soulmate or Family-First?

A biblical view of marriage recently appeared in, of all places, the Wall Street Journal! What a nice surprise! This week, we examine the soulmate myth and explain the better alternative for thinking about marriage.

[The article we talk about so much can be found here—again, in the Wall Street Journal, not the New York Times!]

Podcast 85: Conspiracy Thinking (or Not Thinking)

This week, we look at how to think biblically about conspiracy theories. In these days of information overload, ideas are thrown at us from all angles—and whether they are true or false, the principles we apply when confronted by them are always the same.