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Podcast 66: Reject Fake “Tate” Masculinity (Part 2)

In this week’s episode, we conclude our discussion of God’s design of men and masculinity, contrasting it against the fake masculinity on offer from too many hucksters out there.

Also, we mention three other resources on the podcast. Here they are!

Podcast 65: Reject Fake “Tate” Masculinity

The assault on masculinity and the so-called “patriarchy” in the public arena has left many young men looking for guidance. Too many turn to online “heroes” who offer a fake caricature of masculinity that is contrary to God’s original design for how men are supposed to be men. Today‚ we look at the difference and talk about what it means to embrace the kind of masculinity God intended.

Mentioned in the Podcast: “What Is the Greatest Love?”

In this week’s podcast, we mentioned a telecast by Mr. Gerald Weston titled “What Is the Greatest Love?” Here it is!

Podcast 58: Weaponizing “Love”

Love is a very good thing. After all, the Apostle John said “God is love” for a reason. But both the world and individuals in the world weaponize “love” in a number of ways that, frankly, have nothing to do with real love, at all. Join us this week as we explain how.

Podcast 57: How to Be Parentable!

We often talk in sermons and articles about parenting, but what about being more parentable? What can you do that will allow God to more fully lead and develop you through the parents He has given you? Join us as we take a look together!

Video: A Lesson from John Williams about Discernment (and the Devil)

A change of pace this week, since my podcast partner, Mr. Robinson, is out of town. It’s a bit nerdy (specifically of the “soundtrack nerd” variety of nerdy), but there has long been a subtle cue in the movie music of John Williams that I have appreciated. Not only has it helped me to admire him as a composer, it has provided for me an illustration of the need for spiritual discernment. If you will forgive my lack of technical prowess (I just play the music right out of my speaker instead of editing it into the video), I hope this discussion helps get that idea across. If it isn’t terrible (and be honest with me, I can take it…), I’ll try to follow up in the future with a Michael Giacchino-themed lesson that goes hand in hand with this one.

Podcast 53: Five Bible Passages About Friendship

This is probably one of our most requested topics: friendship. Today, we’ll look at five passages in the Bible that teach us something about friendship. They are certainly not the only passages, and some might be surprising! But if this episode is helpful, we’ll plan on doing more on this topic in the future.

We mention a telecast (though we accidentally called it a sermon) and related article by Mr. Ames in the podcast, and those are linked to here. Below that, you’ll find the podcast, as usual, on all the usual platforms. And, by the way—if you have a favorite podcast platform that we aren’t on yet, feel free to let us know, and we’ll be happy to look into it!