Teen Camp 2022: 2B tests their marksmanship, 1G explores the color wheel, and 3B shares their watermelon with friends

Teen Camp 2022: 3G on the softball field, camp songs and Christian Living, and enthusiastic volleyball fans!

Teen Camp 2022: We invite you to meet 2B! Plus, 2B & 1G at Topics & Dance (with a mini-camper bonus!)

Teen Camp 2022: Rounding home! 1G hones softball skills, 2B grows in swimming endurance, and 3G play “Queen of the Court”

Camp is rounding home! And everyone plans to finish strong. Here are some pics of 1G practicing hitting and stopping grounders, 2B builds their swimming endurance, and 3G takes their turn at “Queen of the Court.”

Teen Camp 2022: Let’s meet 1G, then off to Topics & Dance with 3B & 2G!

Here’s a video to introduce you to 1G! Then, the dorms prepare all camp for an evening of Spokesman Club-style table topics and a dance, and that time finally came for 3B & 2G, as reflected in the pics! [And we apologize for the delay, but the 1G video is now below!]


Teen Camp 2022: Time to meet 1B! Meanwhile, 2G pops balloons with extremely fast, pointy, airborne sticks

Time to meet another dorm! Watch the video below to spend a little time with 1B.

Teen Camp 2022: 1B takes a swing, 2G dives in, and Evening Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, archery, and water skiing