Podcast: Resist the Pressure to Blur Gender Lines!

On today’s podcast, we discuss the pressures on boys and girls (and on young men and young women) to ignore the differences in the two sexes God created and to adopt a confusing, self-destructive worldview. Huge forces in society are seeking to rob from you the joys of embracing the gender God designed you to be. Don’t let them do it! We hope this podcast helps.

Podcast: Behind Camp with Mr. Weston & Mr. McNair!

As tired as they may have been, Mr. Gerald Weston and Mr. Jonathan McNair were willing to sit down with us only a couple of days after returning from the 2022 LYP Texas Teen Camp and to talk about the experience, including the kinds of things they seek to achieve at our camps and how to get the most out of them. We hope you enjoy it! The YouTube version is below, and the Spotify link is right below that.

Something for the Ladies…

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Living Church News occasionally publishes a feature called “Woman to Woman.” Written by a woman in God’s Church, it is meant to help fulfill Paul’s admonition to older or more experienced ladies, recorded in Titus 2:4–5, that they pass down wisdom in godly femininity and womanhood to younger ladies in the Church. As a sample, we hope you’ll consider reading the recent contribution from Mrs. Janth B. English, linked to below, titled “‘Submission’ Is Not a Dirty Word.” It definitely runs counter to the advice about being a woman you will get from many popular “authorities” these days, but it is rooted in the loving advice of your Creator who wants you to become the sort of woman He designed you to be.

We hope you’ll give it a read! Here’s the link: “‘Submission’ Is Not a Dirty Word.”

Teen Camp 2022: One more post of pics—the talent show, Sabbath services, and dorms ready for the banquet and dance!

We’re back for one more post! We apologize for the delay—after the last Sabbath at camp, things went so quickly and we were so busy that posting photos had to take second place. But now that everyone is back, safe and sound, it’s time for one more post of pics! These final pictures feature campers entertaining their camp-mates at the talent show, some photos from the last Sabbath service, and pictures of the dorms, all gussied up for the final banquet and dance. This year’s camp was a blast, and we pray that everyone—both campers and staff—arrived home with minds filled with good memories, uplifting lessons, and thoughts of their new friends. Our thanks to all who made this year’s camp a success, and God willing we’ll see you in 2023!

Teen Camp 2022: Some photos from last Sabbath!

Last week at this time, everyone was very ready for the weekly break God provides—just like they are this afternoon, as well! Please enjoy these pictures of campers and staff from last Sabbath, and—from the Texas LYP Teen Camp to all of you—have a wonderful Sabbath! Pictures will resume after the Sabbath—tomorrow night if possible.

Teen Camp 2022: 2G enters the chat! Plus, pics of 1B & 3G at Topics & Dance, and more water skiing!

How hot is it in Texas this year? As 2G explains in their video below, they are like “potatoes cooking in a pot!” That’s hot! But God blessed the camp with some rain today, which has cooled things off a bit as the Sabbath approaches. In the meantime, after the video, enjoy pics from 1B & 3G at Table Topics & Dance and more pics of waterskiers during Evening Activities.

Podcast: Why Does God Say He Hates Divorce?

(Again, if you are here for camp pics, just keep scrolling!)

Mr. Robinson is back in town! We sat down and discussed a topic that has been on our minds since we discussed the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp defamation case: Why does God say He hates divorce? “Hate” is a strong word! But Malachi 2:16 is pretty plain.

Your youth is the time to come to understand how God thinks about marriage and relationships, and we hope this discussion about why God might feel the way He does about the topic is helpful to you. (Bonus: One reason we discourage the “boyfriend/girlfriend” thing for teenagers is explained in this podcast! Don’t miss it!)

Our post to YouTube needed a re-post to fix an error, so it looks like it is up on Spotify first! Here’s the Spotify link, and when it is up on YouTube, we’ll add that right below the Spotify notice. So, YouTubers, keep an eye out. It’s almost there… [Update: It’s fixed and back up on YouTube! We’ve added it below, a bit under the Spotify link.]