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The Simple Truth: The Snowblowing Samaritan

Jason Fritts discusses two ways of life, ‘Give vs. Get’ in the next episode of the Simple Truth!

The Simple Truth: Will You Inherit a Throne?

Receiving a throne in the Kingdom of God? Is that reality? Jason Fritts discusses our future inheritance in this Simple Truth video.

Ohio Camp 2016 – Slideshow

The Simple Truth: Does God Exist?

The Simple Truth introduces new presenter, Wallace Smith!

It’s THE question: Does God exist? Well, we’re going to tackle it together. This Simple Truth video by Wallace Smith introduces the topic and gets us ready for more videos to follow.

The Simple Truth: You Will Never Be An Angel!

You will never be an angel and that’s OK because there is meaning in your life. Do you know what your future will hold? In this week’s webcast Jason Fritts discusses angels and what the Bible has to say about your incredible future.

The Simple Truth: The Pearly Gates

What are the “pearly gates”? Do they exist? Is “St. Peter” in heaven with them, as some believe? Jason Fritts dives into the Scriptures to discuss the simple truth.