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Video: A Lesson from John Williams about Discernment (and the Devil)

A change of pace this week, since my podcast partner, Mr. Robinson, is out of town. It’s a bit nerdy (specifically of the “soundtrack nerd” variety of nerdy), but there has long been a subtle cue in the movie music of John Williams that I have appreciated. Not only has it helped me to admire him as a composer, it has provided for me an illustration of the need for spiritual discernment. If you will forgive my lack of technical prowess (I just play the music right out of my speaker instead of editing it into the video), I hope this discussion helps get that idea across. If it isn’t terrible (and be honest with me, I can take it…), I’ll try to follow up in the future with a Michael Giacchino-themed lesson that goes hand in hand with this one.

5Q with Ms. Rebekah Ross of the Living Ed Music Department

We’re afraid there is no podcast this week! Our podcast hosts have been extremely busy, but hope to get back to the mic next week. We did load a new podcast to Spotify and Apple that had previously only been in YouTube, from much earlier last season—about 25 episodes ago! If you didn’t hear it then (It’s about tattoos. Spoiler Alert: God’s not in favor of them…), then head out to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and check it out. The sound quality is not as good as it’s been recently, so be kind!

However, we do have brand new entry in our “Five Questions” series with folks at HQ, this time introducing Ms. Rebekah Ross!

How nice to sit down with the always wonderful Ms. Ross to talk a little about the Living Ed music class—and to cruelly spring a quiz question on her from more than a decade ago when she was a camper at the Missouri Pre-Teen Camp. Can she still answer it? No spoilers here… Watch and see!

Our thanks to Rebekah and all she does to help our LE–Charlotte students bring a little more music into their lives! The video is below, as are the two previous 5Q segments, for those who did not see them.

A young Queen Elizabeth’s inspirational words to other young adults

After recording our last podcast, I was prompted to watch the full version of a short clip of a speech Queen Elizabeth gave on the occasion of her 21st birthday. In it, she comments on the “great joy” of being a young adult, having grown up in “terrible and glorious” years, and entering the time when one can begin to take some of the burden off of those who have gone before. It is a remarkable speech, and I hope it resonates with all of you.

It is quaintly raw, with pauses for the camera to be repositioned or focused or for a redo. But at less than 8 minutes, we believe it is worth your time, listening to Queen Elizabeth when she was closer to your age—the exact same age as many of you, in fact—and hearing the advice she has to give.

Apologies, Appendectomies, and Two Lessons

My apologies that we did not get a Living Youth Podcast up last week! We did record it on Friday (the video below is a little confusing on that point; I sort of mixed up my days), but for the reasons I mention, I did not get it edited and posted. But, for all of the excitement of yesterday, I thought a couple of lessons emerged from the experience that were worthwhile to pass on. So, hopefully, this quick video will do—and look for the podcast later this week! I’ve recorded this video a little hastily (for instance, I don’t mean to imply that enduring to the end is not a part of the confidence I discuss), but I still hope that this is helpful in some way.

Teen Camp 2022: 2G enters the chat! Plus, pics of 1B & 3G at Topics & Dance, and more water skiing!

How hot is it in Texas this year? As 2G explains in their video below, they are like “potatoes cooking in a pot!” That’s hot! But God blessed the camp with some rain today, which has cooled things off a bit as the Sabbath approaches. In the meantime, after the video, enjoy pics from 1B & 3G at Table Topics & Dance and more pics of waterskiers during Evening Activities.

Teen Camp 2022: We invite you to meet 2B! Plus, 2B & 1G at Topics & Dance (with a mini-camper bonus!)

Teen Camp 2022: Let’s meet 1G, then off to Topics & Dance with 3B & 2G!

Here’s a video to introduce you to 1G! Then, the dorms prepare all camp for an evening of Spokesman Club-style table topics and a dance, and that time finally came for 3B & 2G, as reflected in the pics! [And we apologize for the delay, but the 1G video is now below!]