A lesson from my bonsai tree (well, the pot)

He Who Is Cursed To Kill All The Plants learns a little something from an innovation in the pot of his bonsai tree…

“There is no vice which lacks a defense…”

I have a book with some thoughts from stoic philosophers that I look through occasionally. The Stoics weren’t perfect, and the extremes of some of their thinking were off. But the best of them did not fit many of the stereotypes we read. One of them, Seneca, is often thought to have been a friend of the Apostle Paul, and ancient letters they supposedly exchanged are out there, but most good accounts hold that the letters are fakes.

That said, something I read this morning caught my eye. By one man’s translation, Seneca once wrote “There is no vice which lacks a defense.” The rest of the quote goes into how it is easier to tackle bad habits early in life instead of later, and that would be a great post for another time. But this is the part that grabbed my attention, and it is very biblical.

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Did you know Living Ed is on Spotify?

While Living Education is out there at lcgeducation.org, ready for you anytime you are, a lot of members aren’t aware of a tiny slice of LE is out there on Spotify, as well. Mr. Ken Frank’s “Digging Deeper” recordings are available as a podcast on Spotify, where you can follow them and add them to your own library. We know Spotify is a popular music and audio resource for teens and families alike, and we thought you’d want to know. Head out there and check it out! The embedded link below will either show the most recent upload from LE or the one that was most recent when we first embedded it. Frankly, we’re still figuring out the “posting” thing. Regardless, there should be a “Follow” button at the very least, and if you want to see the Spotify homepage for the whole show, instead of just one episode, you can click here. We hope you’ll give it a listen, and thank you, Mr. Frank and the LE team, for putting these out here for us!

What happened to “rare”? (a lesson on compromising moral stands)

Those tricksy abortionists…

I was reading an article related to the booklet I am writing on abortion (Pray for me! It’s almost done! Sort of!), and it included an image of a pro-abortion protestor holding up a sign. Here’s a screenshot of the sign:

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Being Christian Online: Two Great Articles!

We were reflecting on how “exciting” things are online these days and remembered that there are several articles the church has published that tackle the subject of How To Be Online Without Destroying Your Character Or Your Brain™. Two came to mind that we wanted to pass on.

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The Bible and (believe it or not) fractals

Warning: This short video is a bit nerdy. You may accidentally learn about something related to math. But the point my pastor’s wife made to me years ago has been a real blessing to how I think about and appreciate the Bible, and it continues to bless me today, and it seemed worth sharing.

Wrestling with Worldviews

Someone in the Editorial Department was reflecting back on some of the Forums and Assemblies enjoyed by the Living Education students over the last year here in Charlotte and thought one given by Mr. Peter Nathan was a particularly helpful one to recommend.

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