What Rick Astley Taught Me About Getting It Waaaaaaaay Wrong

I know Rick Astley is an 80s phenomenon, but Rickrolling has kept him more prominent in the culture a lot longer than anyone expected (the Wreck-It Ralph 2 post-credits scene is the most recent example I’ve heard of), so hopefully referring to him will not be too out of date for you to understand my point. In fact, if you can read, you should be able to get it regardless of Rick Astley’s place in your life. (If you can’t read, how did you get this far?)

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Podcast: How “Captain America: Civil War” illustrates you can’t fix the world without Jesus Christ

Our third podcast outing and, frankly, we are still working on our sound quality. Right now, we’re just one Yeti mic on a desk that, apparently, one of us kept kicking or something. But we’re learning! And we hope that, while we’re improving, you still find these profitable. This week’s podcast is a topic I’ve wanted to talk a little about since the movie Captain America: Civil War first came out, and we were surprised how our conversation roamed around—discussing not just a lesson from Steve and Tony’s epic, team-splitting spat, but also how great it is for parents and their children to have a teaching/learning relationship and what God is trying to produce in all of us. (Yes, we ramble a bit—while kicking the desk, apparently—but it’s all connected.) And this episode features the first appearance of Disclaimer Guy! Here you go…

What LEGO bricks have to say about God’s existence

Yes, I know they are toys. But no one honestly appreciating the engineering marvel that a Lego brick represents can turn right around and easily dismiss the fact that God exists. Seriously! I hope this video helps make that point.

Seeing Things from 30,000 Feet—a “How To” Guide

This should be brief, but hopefully helpful. As I type this right now, I’m on a plane flying at 30,000 feet. (Technically, the pilot says it’s about 33,000 feet, but round figures are so attractive.) The plane is experiencing a little turbulence, but, frankly, I like it that way. It reminds me I’m literally flying through the air.

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Blubber Rain: Lessons from an Exploding Whale Carcass

Bone fragments, chunks of rotting whale meat, slabs of stinking blubber, droplets of liquids, and a fine mist of various carcass fluids all rained down from a clear sky. Over the ocean? On a deserted beach? No. On a crowd of 75 fleeing spectators and their cars filling makeshift parking lots outside of Florence, Oregon, in 1970.

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Some TW Goodness: “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?”

It was published back in the middle of 2020 in Tomorrow’s World magazine, but if you didn’t read it then, here’s your chance!

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The first (and second) thing(s) I ever wrote in church services…

Today is the 33rd anniversary of the first time I ever attended Sabbath services in the Church. But rather than wax poetic about it, I just want to share a quick observation.

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