Podcast 106: Why We Don’t Engage in Politics

Why don’t we get involved in politics? As the world around us falls apart, it can be increasingly tempting to follow the crowds into the voting booth. But it isn’t God’s way, and with thanks to a listener who asked us about this question, today we discuss why. Please join us!

P.S. Two things! (1) Teen Camp is gearing up! Just like we’ve done before in recent years, we’ll be posting pictures here on LivingYouth.org not long after it starts. Hopefully daily or close to it. So, keep checking in! (2) Mr. Gerald Weston has an excellent Living Church News article coming out on the same topic as today’s podcast, and we should have mentioned it! In fact, it’s already out online, and you can read it right now. The title is tongue-in-cheek: “‘It Is Your Patriotic Duty to Vote.'” (You have to look hard to see the quote marks in the quote marks…) Click through—it’s a quick read and crystal clear!

[Editor’s Note: The Apple Podcast has finally loaded. It is now added below with the others, as usual.]

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