Wrestling with Worldviews

Someone in the Editorial Department was reflecting back on some of the Forums and Assemblies enjoyed by the Living Education students over the last year here in Charlotte and thought one given by Mr. Peter Nathan was a particularly helpful one to recommend.

Juliette McNair has written up a “Second Thoughts” post on his comments, which discussed all of the worldviews that are constantly being marketed to us—especially to teenagers, since those looking to “convert” you to their mindset desperately want to get you while you’re young! And it’s important: Your worldview becomes the lens through which you see and understand everything. That is, your worldview powerfully shapes your view of the whole world—hence, “worldview.” (We know, language is amazing.)

Mr. Nathan discussed how to evaluate these worldviews, and we thought Juli’s brief write-up of the discussion was very profitable.

Give it a look at the LE website! Here’s a link: “Second Thoughts: On Interpretation.”

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