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Podcast 104: From Walt to Woke: Disney’s Changing Values

You might wonder if it’s your imagination, but it’s not: Disney, broadly considered the premier producer of children’s entertainment and media, is actively pressing queer theory and gender ideology on their viewers. Today, we talk about Disney’s not-that-secret agenda and share some biblical thoughts about the implications for our times and the choices we should make about the media we consume.

Thinking Biblically: Entertainment

As you’ve probably heard or read on this website, we hope to cover how to think biblically about any given topic. I appreciate that phrase, as it’s close to something I’ve said frequently in sermons and other messages: “Keep your brain turned on!” 

But what about entertainment? 

Sometimes the problem with thinking biblically about entertainment is that entertainment is usually designed to help us stop thinking. When I consider some of the entertainment I enjoy, like fantasy football or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I know that part of the reason I enjoy it is because it’s not mentally taxing—I can transport myself to a happy, fictional place where superheroes defeat villains, or to an alternate reality where I know who will score more touchdowns. 

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