“Is it clean, or unclean, that is the question…”

[Apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, there…]

We received a question from a young adult out there on matters of clean and unclean animals, and it prompted us to post this great Tomorrow’s World Whiteboard which some of you may not have seen. It does a great job of summarizing Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. We hope you like it!

P.S. The question we received was about ducks and swans. In the list of unclean birds, “swan” is a mistranslation in some Bibles (like the KJV). Best evidence (including internal evidence in the passage) suggests that the Hebrew word concerns a kind of owl, completing the list of owls in the passage. Many other translations (NKJV) get that right.

P.P.S. Unlrelated to the topic, but, hey, why not here? We apologize that there was no podcast last week! Our podcasters were very focused on getting a new literature item ready for final review, and there just wasn’t time. We’ve thought about putting out two podcasts this week to make up for it, but we’re also in the middle of the Council of Elders meetings. So, we’ll see! But please forgive us! Now, the video (which was the whole point of this post)…

Podcast: What a Great Feast!

We’re back after the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day! We thought we’d be easy on ourselves and devote this podcast episode to chatting about experiences and lessons from our Feast. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

P.S. Just realized that we accidentally skipped Episode 29. Oops! Heh… Uh… Maybe we’ll record that next time and pretend we did it before this one. Stay tuned!

Three Questions from Down Under!

We don’t want to distract anyone from reading Thomas White’s inspiring and thoughtful post “One Hundred Billion Eternities” by pushing it down further on the front page, so click here to open it up in a separate tab and read it later!

However, a nice email from our Regional Director in the Australasia region, Mr. Rob Tyler, has reminded us that they do a great job putting articles for youth on their regional website. After checking it out, we thought the recent short article from Mr. Paul Kearns, “Three Questions That Can Change Your Life!” was worth passing along. So, check it out, then follow up with a read of Mr. White’s brief but excellent essay. (And, God willing, now that the Feast is past us, podcasts should resume this week!)