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LYP Teen Camp 2024: Final regular activities, the Talent Show, and the last Sabbath of camp. Last Day activities and the Dance still to come!

1B & 3B on the court.

1G goes balloon hunting.

1G cools off and takes a dip.

2B takes aim.

The LYC Talent Show!

Final Sabbath and our last Evening Reflection for 2024.

LYP Teen Camp 2024: A few more activities and classes as the end approacheth!

1B & 2G wrap up the canoe trips.

1B finish up their Life Role projects.

1G & 4B enjoy one more Topics & Dance for the summer.

2B & 3B are the “boys of summer” (for anyone who gets that reference) in softball.

3B enjoys pool time in Swimming.

…and so does 3G!

The ladies of 4G give their speeches.

Christian Living. On Friday, Mr. Lawdi Ferreria taught about why we keep the Ten Commandments, while on Thursday Mr. James Populo challenges us with the question, “Why you?”

Evening reflection.

Podcast 107: Meditations on an Almost-Assassination

The near-miss assassination attempt on Mr. Trump could have been a national tragedy. In moments like this, it is vital to think biblically and not just emotionally. Today, we meditate together on some important principles that should come to mind in a moment like this one.