Don’t forget to register for camp! [Pinned Post]

It’s time! Registration for camp is open—do it now before you forget! You can click here or click on the nice, big, blue button in the margin that says “Register for Camp!” However you want to do it—just head on over to the site and register for camp today!

And if you would like to revisit pictures from the 2022 camp, one helpful way is to click on the search box on this page and simply type “camp.” There are a plethora of posts with pics. Check them out—but go register for this year’s camp first!

Bonus Content for “Why the Living Church of God?”

Here are some links to content mentioned in this week’s podcast, plus a little extra, like Mr. DeSimone’s coincidentally titled LCN article. Check them out!

Podcast 55: Why the Living Church of God?

Today, we ask a question that’s important for each of us to answer: Why the Living Church of God? Contrary to the sentiment of many in this world, Jesus is not an “attend the church of your choice” sort of Messiah. He wants us to attend the church of His choice. There are real, biblical guidelines for discovering where Christ is working and where you should go, and we discuss them in this episode of the Living Youth Podcast. Just click below on the platform of your choice to get started. (The articles mentioned in the podcast will be listed in a post to immediately follow this one.)

Video: A Lesson from John Williams about Discernment (and the Devil)

A change of pace this week, since my podcast partner, Mr. Robinson, is out of town. It’s a bit nerdy (specifically of the “soundtrack nerd” variety of nerdy), but there has long been a subtle cue in the movie music of John Williams that I have appreciated. Not only has it helped me to admire him as a composer, it has provided for me an illustration of the need for spiritual discernment. If you will forgive my lack of technical prowess (I just play the music right out of my speaker instead of editing it into the video), I hope this discussion helps get that idea across. If it isn’t terrible (and be honest with me, I can take it…), I’ll try to follow up in the future with a Michael Giacchino-themed lesson that goes hand in hand with this one.