Podcast 76: Israel & Gaza: Keeping a Clear Head

We’re back after our Thanksgiving break! And this week we discuss some of the temptations and misunderstandings that you might come across as you listen to the news about the Israel-Gaza conflict. A lot of people want young minds on their side—keep yours on God’s.

Podcast 75: Why Counsel Before Getting Engaged?

When you hear “pre-engagement counseling,” you might ask yourself: Why would I want to counsel with a minister before I get engaged? Yet, if you’re thinking biblically, it makes perfect sense. Join us as we talk about it on this week’s episode.

Podcast 74: All About the COE—Again!

The Council of Elders meetings just ended yesterday, and so many of you liked our podcast about what those are like we thought we’d do another one! We hope you enjoy it.

Also, here are the two articles we mention in the podcast: One from Mr. Weston about the Council of Elders and one from Mr. Hernandez from 2014 discussing what the Bible says about events in the Middle East. We recommend them both!