Podcast: How “Captain America: Civil War” illustrates you can’t fix the world without Jesus Christ

Our third podcast outing and, frankly, we are still working on our sound quality. Right now, we’re just one Yeti mic on a desk that, apparently, one of us kept kicking or something. But we’re learning! And we hope that, while we’re improving, you still find these profitable. This week’s podcast is a topic I’ve wanted to talk a little about since the movie Captain America: Civil War first came out, and we were surprised how our conversation roamed around—discussing not just a lesson from Steve and Tony’s epic, team-splitting spat, but also how great it is for parents and their children to have a teaching/learning relationship and what God is trying to produce in all of us. (Yes, we ramble a bit—while kicking the desk, apparently—but it’s all connected.) And this episode features the first appearance of Disclaimer Guy! Here you go…

Podcast: The Case of the Cud-Chewing Pig

For this second episode of the podcast, we visit a question submitted at a camp Teen Bible Study many years ago that went unanswered at the time: If scientists are able to “create” a pig that chews the cud, is it clean to eat? It may not seem a question of cosmic importance, but diving into the topic generates a lot more worthwhile principles than you might think!

Our Inaugural Podcast!

Greetings! We’re excited to kick off this podcast! While we have a few demo recordings under our belt, this is the first official podcast to go public. It’s a weird one—mainly us talking about the podcast and how we hope to serve you with it. We also invite you to send us your thoughts, and we’d love to hear from you. We’re working on a form or something so you can give us that feedback—until then, you can email either of us using the super-secret ministerial email address format. (Not actually secret, though still super: first initial + last name + [at] + lcg.org. Forgive the weird formula: I’m trying to prevent the bots from spamming us…) We hope you enjoy this different-but-sincere first podcast outing and are looking forward to future episodes!