“They are fighting over the deck chairs on the Titanic…”

The Church published a fantastic sermon by Mr. Rod McNair that he gave a couple of years ago here in Charlotte titled “What Cause Are You Fighting For?” that is really helpful in helping us find perspective. He emphasized that we live in a world in which people are not only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while the ship is going down—they are fighting over who owns the chairs.

His point is that we have to work to make sure we don’t get caught up in that struggle, no matter how tempting it is (when one of the “deck chairs” is one of your favorite causes, it’s very tempting!). Rather, God is giving us the opportunity to be on a life raft warning people that the Titanic is going down and that they have an opportunity to stop arguing, get off the boat, and save themselves! And we shouldn’t trade that opportunity for anything, let alone climbing out of the life raft and joining in the doomed slugfest over deck chairs that are about to rest on the ocean floor.

The video embedded above is queued up to his comment about the Titanic. (The comment about being on a life raft trying to save people comes later.) Jump into it below, and listen to the rest—or rewind it and start from the beginning. (If you enjoy it when we say things like “rewind” when talking about a YouTube video, well, we sort of enjoy it, too.)

And a big “thank you” to Mr. McNair for helping us remember the opportunity we have to be different—and to make a difference.

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