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5Q with Mr. Tyler Wayne of Church Administration

If you’re looking for more camp photos, just keep on scrolling! We’ve got a ton. But while camp is going on, the work continues at the office in Charlotte! And for our next installment of “Five Questions,” I’ve got Mr. Tyler Wayne in the hot seat. He and I have done this before (as the pictures in the video will demonstrate), and it was really fun to do it again. If there is a particular department you’d like us to feature next time, let me know. In the meantime enjoy this video featuring Mr. Wayne!

5Q with Mr. Mike DeSimone of the TV Department

Well, we had some difficulties with getting the podcast up today (explained in the video, below), so for this week’s post, we’re doing something a little different. We’ve wanted to begin posting some “Five Questions” videos to pull back the curtain a bit and let you get to know some of the people and departments here at Headquarters, and in this initial outing we sit down with Mr. Mike DeSimone who runs the TV department. As he’ll point out, they do a lot more than TV-related work, including our many other video products. Their latest TW Whiteboard, for instance, that went public last night is fantastic (he’s the voice for those). We mention it in the video below, and I will add a follow-up post to this one to feature it.

The podcast will be back next week, God willing, and, until then, I hope you enjoy this first installment of Five Questions—this time, with Mr. Mike DeSimone!