Past TW Article on Profanity

The podcast this week (posted below—click here if you haven’t heard it, yet!) focused on how God doesn’t want us to cuss and curse and use bad language. After we finished, we remembered a related, short article from back in mid-2019 by Mr. Dexter Wakefield, titled “Profanity!” Check it out at the link below if you haven’t read it. It’s a quick read!

And, by the way, be sure to come back and look for additional posts in addition to the weekly podcasts. We’re working harder to add helpful content, and if you scroll just a bit, you’ll see recent posts about not just the podcast, but also a related sermon Mr. Weston gave, but also a link to the Living Education–Charlotte blog, as well. Be sure to poke around, and we’ll continue working to add more content in the future! In the meantime, here’s the article:

* Note, it’s not “profanity by Mr. Wakefield,” but “Profanity!” which is the title of an article by Mr. Wakefield. Very important difference!