Teen Camp 2022: Meet 3G, 1B & 3B in Speech, 1B take to their steeds and build a wall, and 1G goes on the air!

And the pictures begin again! There are a few of 1G, 1B, 3B, and 3G below, but first a video! At camp, the photography team is trying to make a brief video showcasing some of the events in a day for each dorm, and it looks like 3G is up first. We hope you enjoy it and are praying for everyone as Week 2 is off and running! (And thanks for your prayers so far!) If you haven’t seen Mr. Weston’s update from last Friday at camp, you should watch it. Just click here to open it up in another tab and then come on back! Someone mentioned at services yesterday how excited they were to see the values he mentions in that update being emphasized at camp. So, check it out, then come back and check these out! Or vice versa—we’re not picky!