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Podcast 88: An Atheist’s Confession of Blind Faith

An atheist confesses that her conviction God does not exist is grounded in her blind faith decision when she was six years old. But what she has to say should prompt us to explore the relationship between faith and evidence—something she gets wrong, as do so many others. Let’s explore the topic together.

In the podcast today, we mention a profound Living Church News article from Mr. Gerald Weston titled “Understanding Hebrews 11:1.” You should read it! So many get this wrong—even in the Church—and the meaning of the verse is so much deeper than many consider. We hope you will click on the link (or this one!) and take some time to read it and think about the point he is making in it. We touch on his point in the podcast since it relates to the topic, but it is worth focusing on in its own right.