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Cats and Cows in Space

In Podcast 43—“A.I.—Friend or Foe?”—we talk about the ability artificial intelligence now gives people to images with just a simple textual prompt. So, we wanted to give you an example of that. We’ll have more realistic images in the April-May 2023 Tomorrow’s World magazine, but these are excellent examples of how someone with no artistic ability is able to generate completely original images using these AI tools.

Well, Mr. Ben Graham, our Graphics Designer does have artistic ability, and he’s the one who generated these—but the point is that he didn’t use those skills. He simply typed in a text prompt describing what he was looking for, and the AI did the rest. In this case, the AI was Midjourmey. I’d include his prompts, but I forgot to get them. However, they were not complicated! We’ll add them later if we can get them from him next week.

In the meantime, take a close look at each image. They look amazing, but each has one or more “tells” that help indicate it is not human-made. That is, while it looks like something an artist would make, it has elements in it that clearly no human being would add. See if you can find them!

Then, if you haven’t listened to the podcast, click here and have a listen.