Some TW Goodness: “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?”

It was published back in the middle of 2020 in Tomorrow’s World magazine, but if you didn’t read it then, here’s your chance!

Mr. Jonathan McNair wrote a short two-pager titled “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?” The article explains to parents the helpful role dating can play in the life of a teenager. If done with an awareness of the stage of life we are in, Mr. McNair notes, dating can be a helpful part of our development that contributes to building a firm foundation for our futures. As he concludes in the last sentence of the article (spoiler alert), “Right dating—dating that is appropriate to each stage of a young life—helps to lay the groundwork for a lifelong partnership.”

Though written for parents, we believe you will get a lot out of it, too. Click here to read it for yourself: “Should We Kiss Dating Hello?”