Podcast: Roe v. Wade and Abortion

If you’ve heard all the talk in the news about the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court case and abortion, you know that something potentially big is up. Essentially, the 1973 court case that created a “right” to abortion in the U.S. is potentially about to be undone, according to a leaked draft of the decision (which is not yet finalized). It was already a passionate topic for many, and you can expect the rhetoric to reach new levels of full-throated zeal in the days ahead.

But our concern is always what do God and Jesus Christ think about this, and what do They want me (and you!) to think about this? And, as we consider such things, can we avoid the traps the Devil will lay out for us to ensnare us and suck us into the world of political striving by remembering that the Kingdom we are called to represent is not a part of this age or world (John 18:38)? Young people care about the world in which they live—and the Tempter is skilled at turning our passions into bait on his hook.

On today’s podcast, we chat about those things. We hope you find it profitable! (Also, we refer to several articles you might find helpful—links to this are below the video.)

Here are links to those articles: