Podcast: Let’s Talk About that Oscars Slap

No, we didn’t watch the Oscars. But whether you watched them or not, it’s hard to escape the footage of Will Smith’s now-infamous on-stage slap of Chris Rock after the comedian’s joke concerning Mrs. Smith’s shaved head. Frankly, the new Best Actor award winner could have used Mr. Robinson’s advice here in this podcast! What’s going on in our culture that enabled a moment like this? And how would you have handled it? Let’s do some biblical thinking! Click below to listen. (Scroll below the video for two related links.)

If you are interested, here is a link to the YouGov survey we refer to in the video. The results look a tad different than described in the podcast, partially due to changes in the age-group boundaries and possibly due to additional data since the early results we looked at, but the trend is still the same, illustrating a significant difference between the perception of younger and older individuals. Also, here is a link to that earlier post that unpacks and examines Will Smith’s statement “Love will make you do crazy things.”