Podcast: If We’re “Salt”… Should We Vote?

Today’s podcast involves a question that has floated around among some Church of God youth in recent years: If Jesus calls Christians the “salt of the earth” (He did) and if salt is used as a preservative and purifying agent (it is), then does that imply we should vote in elections in today’s world to help preserve and purify the world in some way? As the world gets more “exciting” (that is, “awful”), the pressure to participate in worldly ways of “fixing” it will grow, and this statement by Christ is sometimes used to justify a “Christian obligation” to vote, etc., that frankly [Spoiler Alert!] does not exist. As usual, in discussing the topic, we tend to roam a little, and you may learn more about salt than you ever wanted to. Hopefully, we get most of it right, but you “salt knowledgable” scientists out there are welcome to weigh in and let us know otherwise!