Podcast 83: What Does It Mean to “Not Grieve as Others Do”?

It’s been a sobering week of the sort that Ecclesiastes 7 highlights as an opportunity to reflect and learn. So today, we ponder the Apostle Paul’s statement in 1 Thessalonians 4:13 that Christians do not grieve in the way others do. We hope you find it helpful. On the Living Youth website, you will find related sermons.

The usual platforms are available below. Also, here are links to sermons referred to in the podcast and others on the same topic.

P.S. Hopefully, you are experiencing no difficulties on Apple or Spotify. We had technical difficulties with this episode—well, actually, we uploaded the wrong audio! After updating it, it took a while for Apple to come around, and we’re hoping our efforts to fix that did not mess up Spotify as a consequence. If you experience difficulties, let us know.