Podcast 59: Is God a Socialist or a Capitalist?

There is a war going on for your mind, seeking to conscript you into various ideological crusades and conflicts. These days—at least in the U.S.—one of the most passionate is taking place between defenders of capitalism and advocates of socialism. It might seem rather abstract, but yesterday’s boring academic debates are turning into today’s street fights and riots. And drafting young minds is the key, both sides seem to think, to winning the battle for their side.

So, if they are fighting for your mind, you should be ready to defend it. And we do that by (cue theme behind this podcast’s entire existence) thinking biblically. Because what Jesus Christ and His Father think in such things is, fundamentally, all that really matters.

This topic ended up being a big one, so this episode is part one of two. With a homework assignment at the end! Who doesn’t like homework?!? (Optional, of course! No, there will be no quiz…) We hope you’ll join us as we tackle the topic and set the stage for part two.