Living Youth Podcast now available on Spotify!

By moderately popular demand, the Living Youth Podcast is now available on Spotify! Thanks for all the encouragement! It will be a while before the backlog of old programs is fully loaded onto the platform, but going forward we hope to get each new one on Spotify. For now, we’ve just selected a few and we hope to load a few extra of the old ones each month as we load new ones. Our next target is the Apple Podcast app, but let us know if there are other platforms we should consider.

Our thanks to Mr. Jonathan McNair for helping us figure out what we needed to do, based on what they’ve learned in Living Ed by getting Mr. Frank’s up and running. We appreciate it!

The Spotify page is below for those who are interested. And, again, please feel free to share any feedback, ideas, or questions at [email protected].

P.S. It looks like our podcast about how Captain America: Civil War helps demonstrate how the world needs Jesus Christ is flagged as “Explicit”! Oops! I was all ready to blame Spotify, but the error was ours (sneaky checkbox accidentally hit). Rest assured, it’s totally not “explicit” and is fully Colossians 3:8 compliant! The incorrect label should rectify itself in 24 hours or so. And believe us, the last thing we’d want to do is have Cap say “Language!”