How Unique Geography Gives the U.S. Superpowers

We often emphasize in the Church that the United States and Great Britain did not become great because they are somehow “better than everyone else” and that the source of their abundant blessings is God’s unconditional promise to their physical descendant Abraham. Continuously enjoying those blessings is very conditional, but that’s a story for another time!

(Though, if you’ve never studied why all of this is the case and proven it for yourself, you will find our booklet on the United States and Great Britain in Prophecy a worthwhile Bible study.)

This means, for example, that although the U.S. is the most powerful single nation in the world (for now!), we should see elements that represent God’s divine blessing on the nation in ways that the people themselves had little to nothing to do with. That is, things that make the country great that the people had no control over.

With that in mind, the video below is one we stumbled upon recently, and it does a marvelous job of explaining how the unique geography of the U.S.—something that the original colonists and citizens of the nation could not have “created” or established for themselves—is one of the key reasons behind its greatness and power in the world. So, we thought that it would be worth passing along for those who might be interested! (And, frankly, we’re just fond of calling things “OP”—it makes us feel hip.) It’s below.