Ezekiel’s Temple modeled in Minecraft by the Wilsons!

You know, when you throw out a suggestion in services, you have to be careful, because someone might take you up on it! At the Feast in Lake Geneva last year, I mentioned to the crowd at the Friday night Bible study that I’d always hoped someone would model Ezekiel’s Temple for me in Minecraft so I could walk around, and, lo and behold, someone did! At the recent Merrill Family Weekend, Allen Wilson showed me the version of the Temple he and his brothers, Jonathan and Benjamin, built their model of the prophetic Millennial Temple in Minecraft, and it looks great.

There are some details where their build differs from what others have done, mainly in some of the heights—which is an area of the description most open to question. I actually plan on touching on that in the Ezekiel 40–48 Bible study that Mr. Jonathan McNair has asked me to do for Living Education, so hopefully I can get my act together and do that soon.

There are two videos are embedded below, and then below that is a gallery of images, including Allen showing it to some of us at the family weekend.

Thanks, Allen, Jonathan, and Benjamin, for your hard work and for being willing to share it!

Video 1: Walking around the build.

Video 2: Flying around the build.

And here are the pics. Thanks, again, Wilson family!