Being Christian Online: Two Great Articles!

We were reflecting on how “exciting” things are online these days and remembered that there are several articles the church has published that tackle the subject of How To Be Online Without Destroying Your Character Or Your Brain™. Two came to mind that we wanted to pass on.

One is an oldie-but-goodie. Don’t let the “out of date” title scare you off! It’s by Mr. Rod McNair and it was written in 2009, back when blogging (which isn’t quite dead yet) and MySpace (which is as dead as dead can be) were still a thing. But the things he talks about in the article are still extremely relevant—just the way God’s truth always is! For anyone considering posting a new pic on Instagram or liking or responding to a post on [Fill In Your Social Media Platform of Choice Here], you owe it to yourself to read and heed Mr. McNair’s excellent article about Christian Communication in the Information Age.

Then, you can head over to a more recent column, published in 2020. Mr. John Robinson wrote “A Biblical Guide for Using Social Media” and introduces five people you will meet online—only one of which you want to become yourself. Worth reading!

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