Teen Camp 2022: Staff Orientation & Arrival Day

Here are some pics from Arrival Day of this year’s LYP Teen Camp 2022. Most of what you see below is before the campers arrive—staff preps their areas of responsibility and works with their teams. Mr. Weston and his team orient the staff and discuss the spiritual principles, the camp’s rules, and the vision behind the program. Later in the day, each team of instructors gets to practice their class with a group of staff members acting as “campers.” It’s a great opportunity to try out their lesson plans in a real instructional environment, get feedback from fellow staff members, and work out any wrinkles before classes begin the next day. Everything is geared toward making sure the camp is up and running so that, when campers arrive, they are coming to a camp that is ready for them! And arrive they do, as you can see in the final pictures. More pics should be on their way soon, so be sure to check back!