Podcast 73: “Who Gets into Heaven?”

Our tongue-in-cheek title refers to an attention-getting conversation featured by Daily Wire on Twitter (fine… on X) between conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron. Shapiro’s question and Barron’s answer both reveal tempting misunderstandings you can’t afford to make. Let’s crack open our Bibles and take a look! (A link to the original comment on Daily Wire’s X feed is below.)

By the way, if you’d like to study on this topic, here are two resources:

  • Our booklet Is This the Only Day of Salvation? If you’ve never understood the second resurrection and how everyone will get an opportunity to be saved and how that opportunity is not a wishy-washy one, this is the booklet for you.
  • No link is available but hopefully you have it in your library: Lesson 11 of the TW Bible Study Course covers what salvation means and goes into some helpful detail on this topic. (Actually, Lesson 10 helps.)

(Tweet from the Daily Wire with the original conversation can be found here.)