LYP Teen Camp 2023 Begins!

Campers arrived today for Living Youth Programs Teen Camp 2023! And like last year, we’ll work hard to post pictures right here every day—or as close as we can get—so you can join in the fun.

As the campers are getting to know each other tonight and preparing for a big day tomorrow, here are some pictures from yesterday of some of the staff members preparing to be ready and running before the first camper ever steps foot on the campground. At LYP, equipment gets prepared, staff goes through orientation, and each department practices its classes with staff volunteers. All work hard to ensure that the staff is on the same page, ready for their campers and students, and filled with the vision of what we hope to accomplish together at camp this year.

Be sure to check back over the next two weeks—we’ll endeavor to put up photos as frequently as we can!