LYP Teen Camp 2023: 1B in Archery, 2B in Scripture Education, 4B in Life Roles, then Evening Activities and the Camp Talent Show!

The 2023 LYP Teen Camp is slowly drawing to a close. We wanted to post a few more pictures for you before the Sabbath arrives here. (In particular, check out the pictures of the campers at the evening talent show!) It has been a wonderful year, and we do have a little bit left. The Sabbath is always something special, and then Sunday the campers enjoy a different schedule of activities, as directors disassemble their areas and prepare for leaving the next day and everyone gets ready for the end-of-camp dinner and dance that evening. Having a day set for camp-ending preparations is a real help, one more day of fun for the campers, and helps the preparation for the big dinner and dance not interfere with the sanctity of the Sabbath.

We’ll do our best to post some pictures on Sunday if we can. Until then, from the Texas Teen Camp, have a wonderful Sabbath!